Lioele Carry Me Blueberry Hand Cream Review

Published January 6, 2012 by Beauty-full Dreams

Do you remember my Pretty&Cute order ? The first item I decided to try was the Lioele Carry Me Hand Cream. I chose the Blueberry one (I love berry flavors) but it also exists in Coconut. The hand cream comes in a cute pink and silver plastic tube that reminds me of a poster or oil paint tube.

The cream itself has a light, watery texture that glides really easily on your hands. It’s not sticky at all and leaves a smooth finish on your skin. The smell is definitely a berry one, but to me it seems more like a strawberry one with a hint of blueberry. Anyway, it’s a very pleasant fragrance, almost like a fresh fruit, that lingers well without being overpowering.

All right, you think, but is it efficient ? To answer this question, let’s take a look at the promises made by Lioele in their…

Sweet Talk

“Lioele Carry Me Blueberry Hand Cream is a blended Vitamin E and natural fruit extracts, this handy and silky hand cream soothes, moisturizes and protects your skin against dehydration”

And here are the facts, also known as…

The naked truth

Lioele Carry Me Blueberry Hand Cream does contain several natural ingredients that are good for your skin : glycerin, olive oil and camelia extract (nourrishing), blueberry and grape seed oil (rich in Vitamin E), honeysuckle and peach leaf extract (anti-inflammatory, helps with skin blemishes), etc.

Unfortunately for those who stay away from them, it also contains mineral oil, silicones and parabens. People with sensitive skin may want to try this hand cream before buying since thriethanolamine is also listed and is a known skin irritant.

Here is the full composition :

The cream truly leaves your skin soft and moisturized for quite a while but it won’t work miracles if your hands are chapped or exposed to harsh weather. It does help calming irritated skin, though.

So, Lioele Carry Me Blueberry Hand Cream in a nutshell…

Nice texture ? Yes

Pleasant smell ? Yes

Easy to use ? Yes

Effective ? Yes

Good value ? Yes  ($6.99/40ml)

I’ve tried scores of hand creams before and they were either vaguely effective with an awful smell and sticky texture or nicely fragranced but totally inefficient. So Lioele Carry Me Blueberry Hand Cream was a nice surprise as it does a pretty good job moisturizing and soothing the skin while being a non-sticky, fast absorbed formula with a lovely berry smell. Definitely worth buying ! 


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