Lioele Bubble Body Scrub Review

Published January 15, 2012 by Beauty-full Dreams

It took me quite a while to find a new body scrub that was gentle on the skin and could double as a body wash after my favorite one was discontinued. Until I accidentally found Lioele Bubble Body Scrub. I had never used Korean (or Asian in general) cosmetics before thus I was a bit hesitant at the time, but it sounded like a good product so I gave it a try anyway.

As you can see, Lioele Bubble Body Scrub comes in a pretty pink soft plastic tube. Don’t let the girly Barbie-like packaging scare you off, this scrub isn’t the rosy marshmallow type. It comes out as a thick brown paste full of tiny particles, with a wonderful fresh orange smell. The paste gets lighter and lighter as you massage it on your body, until it takes an off-white color. When adding water, it becomes somewhat liquid and start foaming . It’s really easy to rinse and doesn’t dry out the skin.


Lioele Bubble Body Scrub includes many natural ingredients in its composition such as walnut, sweet almond, caffeine, orange, sesame, soy beans and rice. Here’s the full list :

Sweet Talk

“As fine powder type of natural botanic ingredients such as Sweet Almond Seed and Walnut Shell, this product removes the dead skin cells and the waste of skin softly as a body cleanser and a scrub at the same time. Improving your skin elasticity by Caffeine, it makes your skin moisturized and clear.”

The naked truth

I wouldn’t call the crushed sweet almond seeds and walnut shells a fine powder, more like tiny particles. But there are no coarse grains, if that’s what they meant. Lioele Bubble Body Scrub truly cleanses and scrubs your body at the same time and leaves the skin clean, soft and bright. I first used it during the spring and my arms were so smooth that I couldn’t help touching them 🙂 As long as you don’t rub too hard, the exfoliation is very gentle so even dry and sensitive skins can use this product. Usually, my skin doesn’t react well with scrubs, it gets slightly red and itchy if I don’t put body lotion immediately afterwards. But I’ve never had this problem with Lioele Bubble Body Scrub, I was even able to stay almost an hour without putting anything on my skin ! About the elasticity bit, I’m not really sure. The scrub does make your skin look firmer but it’s temporary. Despite the caffeine, I haven’t noticed any slimming effect either. But maybe I need to use it more often (I only scrub my body and face once a week) to see any difference ?

So, Lioele Bubble Body Scrub in a nutshell…

Nice Texture ? Yes

Pleasant smell ? Yes !

Easy to use ? Yes

Effective ? Yes

Good value ? Yes, but a bit pricey for a body scrub ($16.80/150 ml)

I fell in love with Lioele Bubble Body Scrub as soon as I used it ! It thoroughly removes the dead cells and leaves your skin bright and soft without dehydrating it. And its energizing orange smell puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day 🙂 A great buy you won’t regret !


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