Lioele Real Color Eye Shadow Bijou White Review

Published January 15, 2012 by Beauty-full Dreams

When I browsed Pretty&Cute makeup section for the first time, my eyes were instantly caught by the lovely Lioele Real Color Eye Shadow. I had a very hard time choosing from the 32 (yes, 32 !) shades available but finally settled for the Bijou White 01. I’ve always liked white eye shadows : they work great with my dark brown eyes, they can be matched with any color of clothes and the non-glittery ones make a nice highlighter for fair skins.

Taken from Pretty&Cute website


Lioele Real Color Eye Shadow is stored in a sturdy black flip-top compact adorned with a Cinderella-like coach, the brand’s famous logo (I will tell you more about Lioele, its logo and its motto soon). The powder is finely milled and loaded with shimmers. It has a pure white color with the right amount of pigments, meaning it’s not so sheer that you can’t see it nor so heavily pigmented that it will turn you into a geisha.


Despite being extremely shiny, it has a soft, velvety texture that really glides on the eyelids. One swipe is enough for a natural look but you can easily add another layers for a more intense/party look.


Sweet Talk

“It’s creamy eye shadow containing subtle amount of pearl to cover fine wrinkles. It enhances your eyes with the subtles colors to emphasize the eye zone”

The Naked Truth

“Creamy” seems a bit misleading since Lioele Real Color Eye Shadow is a powder eye shadow. But it does have a smooth, velvety texture that glides easily on the skin. I don’t quite agree with the “subtle amount of pearl” because a/there’s no pearl in it and b/the shimmers are far from representing a subtle amount. As for covering fines wrinkles, I can’t tell since I don’t have wrinkles around my eyes yet :p Still, it really does a great job emphasizing your eyes without being too obvious.

My main problem with this eye shadow is that the shimmers are so tiny and flimsy they end up falling on my lashes and around my eyes. Plus they’re a bother to remove, even with my Baviphat Milky Moisture Lip&Eye Remover which easily takes away waterproof makeup. Also, it starts to crease after 1 hour and a half (without any eye primer on) but it only gets really bad after about 2-3 hours.

Lioele Real Color Eye Shadow in a nutshell…

Nice color ? Yes

Nice texture ? Yes !

Easy to use ? Yes

Easy to remove ? No

Long lasting ? Not really, at least on me

Good value ? Yes ($8.50/2.5g)

Lioele Real Color Eye Shadow is one of these cosmetics that I can’t seem to hate despite their flaws. Shimmers falling everywhere that are hard to remove (the color itself goes away in the blink of an eye) and a bad creasing tendency should put this eye shadow on my black list, yet the wonderful sparkly color and great texture keep it in my makeup bag. Since there are only a few shiny shades among the whole line, I will probably try other colors when I get the chance to see if they crease as well. But if you don’t have this kind of problem, Lioele Real Color Eye Shadow is really worth giving a try !


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