Lioele Honey Essential Mask Review

Published June 17, 2012 by Beauty-full Dreams

When I first discovered Korean cosmetics, the most intriguing products for me were the mask sheets. Totally unknown in my European country (although I remember a failed attempt with an awfully expensive moisturizing mask 8 years ago), they’re a staple in every Asian woman’s beauty box. Each brand carries at the very least one full range of mask sheets for dry, normal and acne-prone skins, usually completed by whitening and anti-aging cares. All of them boast about the amazing effects of their natural ingredients, be it regular fruit and vegetable extracts or something more exotic like nuts & cereals, pearl, caviar, wine, snail mucus, gold and even platinum. For those who shiver at the thought of a snail mucus mask, wait until you discover Korea’s very own bee venom serum and snake venom cream…

As a firm believer of wash-off masks (called “packs” in Korea), I had my doubts about sheet masks : are they really effective ? Is it really ok to let the product sink into the skin for that long ? Are they safe to use for sensitive skins ?

Still I decided to take my chances, or more exactly to let my mum take her chances, and bought Lioele Honey Essential Mask. My mum has dry skin and the spring/summer season makes things even worse, so I thought that nourrishing her skin with honey might be a good idea. Luckily, my mum doesn’t mind experimenting with beauty products so she tried it despite knowing that I didn’t have a single clue about how it would work and the possible effects on her skin. Yeah, she’s brave like that.


(click on the pictures for a better view)

“So, what does this mask look like and how do I use it ?”, I hear you all say. Well, here it is ^^

To be honest, I cheated a bit as I took the photo after using the mask. Why, you ask ? Because, once opened, the first thing that will surprise you about this mask won’t be its strange shape but how dripping wet it actually is. And there still was a lot of essence left inside the package after taking out the mask :


So, what do we do now with this weird alien-looking thing ? Well, all you have to do is put it onto your clean face, adjust it using the slits around the edges and relax for 15 to 20 minutes. I recommend starting with 10 minutes if it’s your first time using a Korean sheet mask, as you never know how your skin might react. If your face becomes hot, really tingly or, worse, itchy, take it off immediately. If there’s no reaction, you can leave it for the full 20 minutes. Finally, gently peel the mask off your face and prepare to be amazed !

Sweet Talk :

“It’s a facial sheet mask pack with intensive essential ingredients. It cares and treats your tired skin and absorbs with fresh without stickiness”

The Naked Truth :

Lioele Honey Essential Mask does contains many key ingredients that work wonder for the skin such as glycerin (moisturizing/anti-irritant), castor oil (moisturizing/soothing), natto gum (antioxidant), witch hazel (anti-inflammatory), honey (nourrishing), dipotassium glycyrrhizate (= licorice, helps dry & damaged skin) and allantoin (healing/moisturizing).

And it truly shows on your skin : when my mum took off her mask, I couldn’t believe how much her condition had improved ! It wasn’t dry anymore, it was really soft and plump like a fully-hydrated skin. And her complexion became brighter too. She was so happy with the results ! She didn’t get any irritation despite her highly sensitive skin and after she patted the remaining essence on her face, she was even able to stay for a couple of hours without putting on a face cream (usually, she has to put it right away or her skin begins to itch).

The essence is easily absorbed by the skin and is not sticky, it’s actually more on the watery side. Oh, and it has a pleasant (and light) smell of honey with a touch of licorice.

So, Lioele Honey Essential Mask in a nutshell…

Nice Texture ? Yes

Pleasant smell ? Yes

Easy to use ? Yes

Effective ? Oh Yeah !!

Good value ? Yes ! ($2.40 per mask)

Lioele Honey Essential Mask is honestly one of the very best skin care products I’ve ever seen ! Far more efficient that insanely expensive creams, it will transform your tired, dull, dehydrated skin into a soft, plump and youthful one. And it can be used safely by all skin types. A true hit for everyone !


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