Know your korean brands : Lioele

Published July 3, 2012 by Beauty-full Dreams

Now that you’ve gotten familiar with Lioele products, let me tell you more about the brand itself ^^

Lioele is produced by Lioele Cosmetic Co LTD, a fairly recent company celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. But the story actually started 2003 with the creation of Michae Cosmetic Inc. After launching several cosmetic brands in the span of 4 years (DASSO, CAD, JAIYA), Michae Cosmetic decided in March 2007 to release a new online brand : Lioele. Due to the instant success of their products, especially Lioele BB Cream, the company changed its name in December 2007 and officially became Lioele Cosmetics Co LTD.

If you read my previous reviews, you already know that Lioele cosmetics can be spotted from miles away with their trademark hot pink color and princessy packaging. What you may not know is why. In fact, these cute fairytale-like visuals are directly linked to Lioele‘s motto : transforming every woman into a 21rst Century Cinderella. Even Lioele‘s logo follows this theme as it actually represents the famous pumpkin carriage that took Cinderella to the ball. No wonder then that Lioele website is overflowing with pink cuteness on top of a fairytale castle 🙂 Here you will find out more about the brand’s many products and latest news.

Lioele’s Cinderella logo

Don’t let the packaging fool you : Lioele‘s cosmetics may scream girly girl alert but they are very efficient products that can be used by all skin types at all ages. Their ultimate best seller is the Beyond The Solution BB Cream, a BB cream that moisturizes, smoothes and calms the skin while keeping the sebum away. Other big hits from the brand include the Triple Solution BB Cream (anti-wrinkle/whitening/UV protection), the Water Drop BB Cream (moisturizing/anti-UVA&UVB), the Waterdrop Sleeping Pack (an ultra-moisturizing pack formerly named V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack and my next review on this blog), the Fresh Sun Screen (waterproof/hydrating/sebum control/SPF45), the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base (a pink makeup base that keeps your skin moist and radiant), the Magic Lip Treatment (a moisturizing and protecting cream that turns pink with the heat of your lips) and the Glittering Jewel Eyeliner, a creamy and sparkly waterproof eyeliner.

One of Lioele’s best selling products

And now, the most important point of all : where to buy Lioele cosmetics?

Well, if you’re one of the lucky people living in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar), Thailand, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan (Tokyo), Canada (British Columbia) and the USA (Virginia, Portland-Oregon, Houston-Texas), you will be able to buy Lioele products either from the brand shops or in department stores and cosmetics stores. By the way, Lioele brand shop in Virginia is called “Cinderella” and Portland is where Pretty&Cute physical store is located. And now, Texan beauty-addicts have their own Lioele shop in Houston.

For the rest of the world, including myself, you will have to buy them online. Stores like YesStyle and Korea Depart only offer a small selection of Lioele products (about 35 each, mainly makeup), while authorized distributors like Pretty&Cute , Lioele Texas and Keauty Store (ex-Lilies Shop) carry the full range.


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