Holika Holika Water March Moisture Full Cream (pink) Review

Published November 29, 2012 by Beauty-full Dreams

Following my Holika Holika article, I was requested to review the various Holika Holika facial creams that I own. I’m happy to oblige and bring you today the Water March Moisture Full Cream Moist Full & Nutritive (a.k.a the beauty product with the longest name ever) review ! Forgive my laziness but for obvious reasons, I will simply refer to it as Water March – pink version. There are actually 2 kinds of Water March creams, this one and the Water March Moisture Full Cream Moist Full & Poreless, a.k.a the “green version”.

Both come in a heavy jar shaped as a giant raspberry, together with a small spatula to better scoop the product. And when I say “heavy”, I mean “heaaavyyy” because 1/ the jar is made of pretty thick glass and 2/ it contains a whopping 120ml of cream ! Yes, Korean cosmetics are known for their generous amounts. 🙂 And since only a little bit is needed each time, they usually last long.


Once you open the jar, you are greeted by a lovely salmon pink cream and a powerful smell of alcohol and raspberry. Let’s be honest, if you can’t stand cosmetics with a strong scent, the Water March creams are not for you (the green version reeks of alcohol too). You get the same smell when you spread the cream on your face and if the alcohol part eventually disappears after a while, the raspberry note doesn’t wear off easily.


The cream itself is very easy to apply. It has a strange texture that feels both watery and oily at the same time, like an emulsion, but glides really well on your skin. You might have a greasy sensation on your fingertips while spreading the cream but don’t worry : Holika Holika Water March-pink version is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin extremely soft and without any residue.

Sweet Talk

“This high capacity moisturizing cream fills the dry skin on the verge of breaking with rich amount of nutrients and moisture. The cream, which includes pink moisturizing constituent and rare Ximenia Americana seed oil found in cold and dry Finland, presents the skin with moisture and nutrients, grooming it to be resilient and glossy”

The Naked Truth

Holika Holika Water March-pink version does contain many moisturizing and nourishing ingredients : glycerin, squalane, allantoin, brocoli and Punica granatum (=pomegranate, also a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory element) will keep your skin perfectly hydrated all through the day while shea butter and Ximenia Americana (a plum-like fruit from Asia and Australia) will take care of the nourishing part. At this point, you may have noticed that Holika Holika made a little mistake, Ximenia Americana doesn’t come from Finland, it’s actually the Rubus chamaemorus (also called “cloudberry”) that grows in the Arctic part of Finland. Since both are included in the Water March cream, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that this cloudberry (a kind of cold-loving raspberry, hence the shape of the jar) has amazing properties. Filled with vitamin C (twice as much as an orange !!), it’s also full of vitamin A, vitamin E and omega 3 and 6 that protect your skin and strengthen it. This is why it has been used in Finnish cosmetics for the last 11 years.

The composition also includes betaine, an anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and whitening ingredient and castor oil to keep a soft and supple skin. But, as you can see below (and have guessed from the “smell talk” earlier), the second main ingredient is none other than alcohol. So even if you’re not bothered by the scent, be careful if you have a very sensitive skin and try this cream before buying. Although, to be honest, even my mum is using the Water March-pink version and her highly sensitive skin has never reacted to it.

If Holika Holika Water March-pink version works wonder as a moisturizer, leaving your skin supple and silky soft, I don’t find it especially nourishing. As for the “glossy” bit, I don’t quite understand what they mean by that. It does makes your complexion brighter but “glossy”, thanks God, no.

So, Holika Holika Water March Moisture Full Cream Moist Full & Nutritive in a nutshell…

Nice Texture ? Yes, although a bit weird when you apply it

Pleasant smell ? Yes for the raspberry notes, not really for the alcohol smell…

Easy to use ? Yes !

Effective ? Yes !

Good value ? Oh yeah ! ($13.22/120ml)

Holika Holika Water March Moisture Full Cream Moist Full & Nutritive is a wonderful cream. Its lightweight texture is very pleasant to apply and not only will it keep your dry skin soft and moisturized all day long but it will also brighten your face. And if you manage to get past the alcohol smell, the raspberry scent is actually really nice. A great product with the best value for money you’ve ever seen !


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