[XMAS -24] Etude House “Princess Etoinette” New Line

Published December 1, 2012 by Beauty-full Dreams

If you have ever wanted to feel like a true royalty, Etude House is granting your wish ! The cute & girly Korean brand has just released a new makeup and accessory line called “Princess Etoinette”, a portmanteau of “Etude House” and “Marie-Antoinette“, the famous French queen.


The makeup line includes :

Crystal Shine Lips, a lipstick available in 8 vibrant colors (1 beige, 2 orange tones, 4 pink tones and 1 red) with dreamy names such as “Moonlight Hide-and-Seek“, “Sweet-Smelling Rose Garden” and “Midnight Masquerade”,


Versailles Nails, 2 different nail art sets (Versailles Dress and Rose of Versailles) containing 3 nail polishes and 1 sheet of stickers each,


Heart Blusher, a lovely baked blusher shaped in little hearts (available in “Pink Petal Kiss” and “Coral Masquerade”),


Crystal Powder, a loose powder to smoothen and brighten your face,


Heart Highlighter, similar to the Heart Blusher with its little white and light gold hearts,


Shiny Tear Liners Sets, that include either a black eyeliner + a white tear liner with gold shimmers or a deep brown eyeliner + a pink tear liner with pink shimmers.

princess11a princess11b

The accessory line includes the Rose makeup brush, a makeup pouch (16cmx10.5cmx4.5cm), a mirror, a comb, a makeup brush set, 3 perfume candles (rose-scented) and 3 bubble bath bars (Sweet, Romantic, Fresh).

princess5 princess6 princess7

How could you not fall in love with such stylish and delicate items ? But if you wish to turn your bedroom into your very own boudoir, you better hurry : most of these products belong to a limited edition !

Photo credits : Etude House Korea


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