[XMAS -23] Holika Holika Snow White Foam Cleanser

Published December 2, 2012 by Beauty-full Dreams

Today I’m going to present you a must-have from Holika Holika, the Snow White Foam Cleanser. A very appropriate post considering that it’s been snowing since morning where I live 😉


Holika Holika Snow White Foam Cleanser is the first Korean cleanser I’ve ever tried. It comes in a beautiful magic-themed soft tube and has a thick yet creamy texture that produces a soft, abundant foam once it lathers up. It also has a wonderful scent of powder and white flowers that I find very relaxing. My face feels really clean after using it, without any irritation or dryness. And, as the name Snow White” suggests, it does visibly brighten your complexion. A perfect product to help you get a better skin !


3 comments on “[XMAS -23] Holika Holika Snow White Foam Cleanser

    • Hello !

      Sorry for the late reply 😦

      I still haven’t tried the Snow White Cream but it’s still on my wish list 🙂

      I don’t think the Snow White Foam Cleanser can really lighten acne marks but since it does brighten your skin I guess those marks should be a little bit less visible right after you use the cleanser. Maybe snail-based products would do a much better job as they’re good for scars of any type ^^

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