The Big Korean Cosmetics Final Roundup – Etude House

Published December 31, 2012 by Beauty-full Dreams

2012 has been another prolific year for Etude House and we can all bet that 2013 will be too. But before discovering what the pink & sweet brand has in store for us (literally 🙂 ), let’s take a look at 2012’s last products :

 Nymph Aura Volumer : the famous line aimed at giving you the same dewy glow as the beautiful Korean actresses is back with 3 new items (Baby Glow Mist, Baby Glow Stick and Baby Glow Balm) to make your skin even more radiant and moisturized,


GoBack : a new anti-aging range including a Firming Cream, a Total Solution and a Boosting Serum that uses the power of a 7 seed complex and Korean Ginseng to help you to “Go back to the best time of your skin”,


– the Nail Paraffin Pack, latest addition to the Help My Finger nail care line, is a really fun concept : you put your fingertips in the cup full of melted paraffin, get them out, wait for 10-15 minutes for the paraffin to dry on each finger then take it off,


Moment Styling, 3 hair waxes (Shiny Dandy, Matte Mohican, Natural Two-Cut) for men in funny hat packagings, and 2 BB Creams called Good Guy and Bad Guy



Photo credits : Etude House


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