My 2013 Korean Cosmetics Wish List – It’s Skin & Etude House

Published January 9, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

Second part of my 2013 dream list 🙂


Apple Peeling Tissue


Secret Body Solution Chic Cheek Patch Moist


I have combination skin so my cheeks can get quite dry at times while the rest of my face doesn’t need special care. That’s why I really like the idea of treating my cheeks separately 🙂 This line also includes a brightening patch for cheeks and moisturizing/cooling patches for the shoulders and upper back.

Mini Bebe Hand Cream


I have a soft spot for cute scented hand creams as you can use them several times a day and you can smell their lovely fragrance as often as you want on your hands ^-^ These ones are Fresh Lime, Vanilla Cotton and Cherry Blossom.

Tomajelly Mask Sheet


I don’t know why but I find the idea of a tomato jelly mask very appealing 🙂

Secret Body Solution Whitening Essence


I noticed that the skin on my elbows have become a bit darker and using a body scrub doesn’t make it lighter so I am really curious about this body whitening essence.

Photo credits : It’s Skin


Sleeping Facial Pack – Pore Tightening


I bought the Moisturizing version (the pink one) for my mum a while ago and she’s very happy with it so I thought about trying the Pore Tightening one. It’s not so much for the effect on pores (mine aren’t really large) but it’s said to have a good sebum control so it might be helpful sometimes.

Missing U Lip Balms – I Can Fly


Cute animal + fun-shaped lip balm = winning combination !

Missing U Hand Creams –  I Can Fly


Help My Finger Nail Paraffin Pack


Pink Candy Sweet Cake Fragrance


I’ve always had a sweet tooth, even for cosmetics ^^

Photo credits : Etude House


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