My 2013 Korean Cosmetics Wish List – Lioele & Holika Holika

Published January 13, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

Part 4, already ! This wish list is getting a bit long, isn’t it ? But, hey, it’s for the whole year so it’s ok 😉


Aroma Washable Cleansing Lotion


Blooming Gloss


I already reviewed the Lovely Twoway  on this blog, now it’s time to try other shades 🙂

Seaweed 90 Trouble Care Mist


Powdery Sun Chiffon SPF 50


This Powdery Sun Chiffon is probably the most original sun care ever. It has a whipped cream texture that turns into a powder once applied. And it can also be used as a primer ^^

L’Cret Miracle Magic Lipstick SPF14 (Diamond Version)


Lipsticks that showed a totally different color on your lips were all the rage when I was a teenager so I definitely can’t miss these babies !

Photo credits : Pretty&Cute


Snow White Cream


Holika Holika Snow White Foam Cleanser  does such a great job,  I can’t wait to try the cream of the same line !

Black Caviar Wrinkle Recovery Eye Cream


A future gift for my mum but shhh…

Soda Pore Cleansing – Cleansing Soda Water


I like the concept of this cleansing water : it comes with a tablet that you put inside the bottle, leave it (opened) to melt for about 18 minutes and there you have your soda water !

Holi Holi Magic Drop – Make Me Sweet


I don’t know if the scents are really as good as I heard but the mere bottle is gorgeous enough to buy these ^-^ By the way the 3 fragrances are : Make Me Sweet (fruity), Make Me Lovely (floral) and Make Me Pure (powdery).

My Wish Perfumed Mist – Fresh Ocean


When it comes to perfumes, I also enjoy the aquatic types (think Davidoff “Cool Water”) very much so a mist made of Alaska ice water, coral water and peppermint extract with an ocean scent is obviously on my list 🙂 FYI, the other 2 are White Floral and Grapefruit.

Photo credits : Holika Holika


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