My 2013 Korean Cosmetics Wish List – Skinfood & Miscellaneous brands

Published January 15, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

Finally, the very last part of my already long list of most-wanted Korean cosmetics for 2013 !


Watery Berry Eye Cream


There are lots of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle or brightening eye creams on the market but what I really need is a moisturizing one thus I’m very tempted to buy this Watery Berry cream.

Lettuce Cucumber Water Jelly Cream


Once again, I can’t resist a gel-cream made of lettuce and cucumber 🙂

Facial Ice Water Vita Tonic


They remind me of Holika Holika Aqua Splash -2°C Ice Cube :


You store them in the freezer for a while and when you take one of them out, it’s supposed to act like an ice cube and melt on your skin, leaving a moisturizing water on your face and/or body. I tried the Holika Ice Cube and I was quite disappointed : the cooling sensation is great, especially in the summer or when you’re feeling sick and feverish, but they never hardened like ice cubes, they were more like a slightly frozen jelly, so applying them on the skin was really messy (they melt ultra quickly, leaving water and jelly bits everywhere). The water was very moisturizing though and the smell was really nice too. So I hope the Skinfood Facial Ice Water Vita Tonic works better !

Good Afternoon Apple Cinnamon Tea BB


Skinfood‘s best-selling items in Korea, the Good Afternoon BB creams ! This line of BB creams includes various teas and natural ingredients in its composition to better suit any skin condition. There are 5 versions :

* Berry Berry Tea (acai/raspberry/green tea) = controls sebum & skin troubles

* Apple Cinnamon Tea (apple/cinnamon/green tea) = clears & brightens the skin

* Rose Lemon Tea (rose/lemon/green tea) = moisturizes & vitalizes

* Peach Green Tea = controls sebum & smoothens the skin

* Honey Black Tea = moisturizes & gives elasticity to the skin

Lemon Brightening Cleansing Tissue


I like cleansing tissues as I’m often in a rush so the idea of brightening my face while cleaning it in only 2 or 3 swipes sound pretty good to me 🙂

Photot credits : Skinfood




Such a smart way of packaging BB cream ! 🙂

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Too Cool Art Class Lip Crayons


The spitting image of my beloved Crayolas !!

INNISFREE Capsule Recipe Packs


These Capsule Packs are a wonderful idea ! Each individual mask contains 10ml of product, which is perfect for trying a new pack or buying several packs at once. Especially when each Capsule costs less than $1.50 (Korean price) !! Each mask makes 2 applications and is super easy to carry with you.

INNISFREE Jeju Sudachi Soothing Mask


I know that Okinawa’s sudachi (a citrus fruit with green skin and orange flesh, packed with more vitamin C than lemon), make great candies, now I’m waiting to see if Jeju’s sudachi can really sooth my skin.

NATURE REPUBLIC Jelly Drop Jam Balm – Melon Jam


Seriously, could this honey and melon jelly lip balm be any cuter ? ^-^

NATURE REPUBLIC Shaking Smoothie Lemon Vital Ice Mask


This big milkshake-like cup actually hides 6 sachets of cooling lemon mask 🙂

Y.E.T Break BB Waterdrop


This BB cream doesn’t only create waterdrops on your face but it also moisturizes and nourishes your skin thanks to its hyaluronic acid, olive oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, rose and papaya formula.

Y.E.T Citron Soap


A handmade soap full of citron and olive oil with no artificial color, preservative, surfactant or hardener ! This soap also exists in Paprika, Pink Clay, Cacao, Lavender, Charcoal, Mugwort, Houttuynia Cordata (an Asian plant used for detoxification) and Persicaria Tinctoria (Chinese indigo).

SHARA SHARA Virtuous Apricot Mask


An apricot mask already sounds appealing but an apricot mask with pomegranate and peach extracts on a bamboo sheet is even better !

SHARA SHARA Berry Berry Cleansing Sherbet


How am I supposed to say no to a sherbet texture with strawberry scent ? 😉

Photo credits : Too Cool For School, Nature Republic, Innisfree, Y.e.t, Shara Shara

That’s all for my wish list ! But with the never-ending flow of incredible novelties released by Korean brands in the course of a year, my shopping list will surely expand dramatically soon !


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