Etude House Sweet Recipe Spring Makeup Collection Revealed !

Published January 25, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

Etude House is about to release its most delicious makeup line ever !

Two days after the CF feat. SHINee members and f(x)‘s Krystal and Sulli introducing the Jelly Lips-Talk, one of the new items from the upcoming Sweet Recipe spring makeup collection, Etude House has just revealed the entire line of products through its website. Inspired by the famous Hansel & Gretel tale, the Sweet Recipe collection will include :

Ice Cream Nails, 4 lovely nail polishes dressed as ice cream cones showing off their sparkly sherbet colors : Candy Fondant Mint Chocolate Chip, Energy Up Lemon Sherbet, Sour and Sweet Apricot Candy and Sparkling Strawberry Star Candy


Baby Choux Base, a moisturizing makeup base that’s supposed to make your skin as smooth as a baby’s. The Baby Choux Base comes in 3 colors, Mint Choux, Berry Choux and Peach Choux



Chocolate Smudge Liner : 2 adorable eyeliners (Dark Chocolate Brown and Milk Chocolate Brown) shaped like Valentine’s Day chocolates that can double as creamy eyeshadows




Cupcake Eyes, a collection of 5 duo eyeshadows that strongly reminds me of the Sweet Eye CuPcake line (also by Etude House). The 5 varieties are Sweet Berry/Lemon Mousse, Mango, Maple Syrup/Chocolate, Blueberry/Strawberry and Chocolate Chip/Mint

The new Cupcake Eyes



… VS. the old Sweet Eye CuPcakes


Candy Stick, 3 tint glosses (Strawberry Candy, Orange Candy and Lemon Candy) looking like Christmas candy canes that contain bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extracts


Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk, a jellybean-inspired lipstick that comes in 8 colorful shades : light pink (I’m sorry I can’t figure out the name 😦 ), Strawberry, Orange, Mango, Lemon, Cotton Candy, Grapefruit and Prune


Credits : Etude House

Etude House Sweet Recipe spring makeup collection will be on sale starting February 1rst, so don’t miss it ! Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Candy Sticks and Jelly Lips-Talk 🙂


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