Plagiarism Won’t Be Tolerated

Published March 8, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

To whom it may concern,

I was browsing some beauty blogs this morning to see the different opinions about the Sweet Recipe cosmetics when I found your blog. When I read ‘your’ Candy Stick – Orange Candy review, I couldn’t believe it : on my screen were displayed several of my own sentences taken from my own review, but incorporated into your text to make it look like you actually wrote them. Disgusting and pathetic.

Who are you kidding ? Do you really think that deliberately adding a grammatical mistake or changing a single word to the whole sentences you plagiarized will turn them into your own work ?

I’m not for name-dropping and I surely don’t want to publicize your blog so I won’t disclose your name here (at least for now). But steal anything from me again and, trust me,  I won’t go easy on you. And this goes for anyone who could be tempted to do the same.

You’ve been warned.


5 comments on “Plagiarism Won’t Be Tolerated

  • Some one copied from me and was caught but they tried to people to believe that I was the one who copied…. God it is horrible when people are like that sometimes.. 😦 I feel your pain girl!

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