Etude House Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Ball Review

Published March 12, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

Next in my Sweet Recipe series, here’s the review of the Etude House Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Ball !



Like all the other Sweet Recipe items, this Cotton Candy Ball has a fun and colorful packaging that immediately makes you want to grab it 🙂 This time, it’s a transparent milkshake cup (think Lioele Vita Shake Pack) decorated with the cute Sweet Recipe logo, showing off what looks like soft marshmallows made of cotton candy. These blue, pink, white and yellow bits are actually cotton balls specifically designed to help you remove any type of nail polish in a fast and efficient way.


Etude House Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Balls truly deserve their name : they’re really as soft and fluffy as the fun fair sugary treat ^^


I have a little story regarding this item : when I was a little girl, my mum had the exact same cotton balls to remove her nail polish. But they disappeared from the stores a long long time ago so when I saw the Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Balls, I bought them for her. When I received my parcel and look at the label on the back of the packaging, I was very surprised to discover that they were actually made in France, my home country !

Sweet Talk :

“This is 100% natural nail remover cotton that gently absorbs and is easily used by tearing off desired amount of pieces. (…) Use when removing nail colors that are difficult to clean off (Ex. Colors with glitter). When used as extended cotton spread  Cotton transforms into a thin 15cm spread once pulled and extended from one end. One cotton ball is sufficient to remove nails colors on all ten fingernails when cotton is soaked thoroughly with nail remover.”

The Naked Truth :

In order to check all these claims, I started by unrolling one of these sweet cotton balls…


… and, yes, it really turned into a 15cm piece, the extra bit you see was due to pulling a bit too strongly. Because, if the lenghth is accurate, Etude House doesn’t mention how tricky it really is to spread these Cotton Candy Balls as the light and fluffy cotton easily tears off.

Next, the nail removing part ! Once again, I seeked my mum’s help and asked her to paint her nails 😉


She used various Etude House and Peripera nail polishes, including the super glittery Etude House Dear Darling Bling Bling Extreme Pink (see the pic above).


Then she soaked the spread cotton ball with nail remover (Maybelline Gentle Remover – Weak Nails, one of my few non-Korean beauty products) and started to remove the polishes. And the results were ?


Ta-da ! Everything came off very easily, from the neon orange to the matte yellow and, of course, the very shiny Bling Bling hot pink ^^ She only painted 8 of her nails but, as you can see, there’s still room on the cotton piece, so yes it’s enough for 10 nails 🙂

Here are the nail polishes she used :


So, Etude House Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Ball in a nutshell…

Nice texture ? Yes

Nice color ? Yes

Easy to use ? Yes

Effective ? Yes !

Good value ? Yes ! ($1.88/30 pieces)

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Ball is a great buy ! Not only does it look like a cute cup of fluffy marshmallows but it’s very effective, even against the hardest nail polishes to remove. And one ball being enough to clean 10 nails, it’s also very cost-effective !



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