The 2013 Korean Cosmetics Spring Collections vol.3 : Etude House

Published May 23, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

Etude House released its spring collection earlier than any other Korean brand this year and with the massive success of the Sweet Recipe items, we thought that nothing big will come out before the summer line. But Etude House isn’t that kind of brand ! They have millions of ideas per year and are constantly publishing new & original (or at the very least seriously upgraded) products we all rush to buy ^^ Thus, let me introduce you to the many items released this past 3 months :

– First, the eyeshadow lines were updated with brand new spring colors

EH (8)

Look At My Eyes Shy First Kiss, Rustling First Love, You & Me and Spring Glow

EH (9)

Look At My Eyes Jewel A Warm Spring Sunshine, Lush Green, A Street Full Of Cherry Blossoms

EH (2)

Look at My Eyes Cafe Blueberry Latte

– then a new line combining a matte shadow and a matching sparkling cream shadow was created, Look At My Eyes Duet

EH (3)Purple Rock ‘n’ Roll, Gold Jazz, Pink Soul and Orange Disco

– followed by 8 new shades of the Look at My Eyes Jewel range, exclusively sold online

EH (7)

Glam Pink, Candy Pink, Purple Crush, Groove Gold, Orange Brown, Orange Shooting, Black Sparkle and Orange Aid

Etude House loves nail polish and so do we ! That’s how we got the Ice Cream Nails, 8 fruity colors using the ice cream cone packaging from the Sweet Recipe polishes

EH (1)

Strawberry, Grapefruit, Peach, Chocolate,Banana, Green Apple, Blue Mint and Blueberry

– the Kissful Tint Choux were revamped into a more glamorous tube

EH (6)

Red Choux, Pink Choux, Strawberry Choux and Tangerine Choux

– and cream-gel blushers with a water-in-silicone formula appeared, the Water Color Blushers

EH (4)

Bashful Strawberry Pink, Shy Peach Coral, Innocent Baby Apricot and Fluttering Lilac

– finally, the famous Dear My Blooming Lips – Talk got a pink edition simply called Pink Talk

EH (5)

Dazzling Pink, Surprised Pink, Pounding Pink, Greedy Pink and Confident Pink

That’s it for all the spring items but brace yourself for Color Pop, Etude House‘s Summer Makeup Collection, soon on Beauty-Full Dreams 😉

Credits : Etude House


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