Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Line

Published July 3, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

Hawaii… Everyone’s summer paradise dream but, alas, only a dream for most of us… Luckily, Nature Republic is here to help us forget about not being able to actually go there by bringing the best of this beautiful island right into our bathrooms !

So get ready for the (beauty) trip of your life, thanks to the Hawaiian Fresh line :

Seaweed Pack (Peel-Off)

NR (9)

NR (11)

Pineapple Pack (Wash-Off)

NR (20)

NR (12)

 Mango Pack (Wash-Off)

NR (15)

NR (10)

Clay Pack

NR (1)

NR (7)

Acne Cleanser

NR (4)

Clear Toner

NR (5)

Clear Serum

NR (3)

Clear Spot Solution

NR (2)

Shower Gel Coffee

NR (18)

Coffee Body Scrub

NR (17)

NR (8)

Coffee Body Massage Gel

NR (6)

NR (19)

NR (16)

Shower Gel Mango

NR (14)

Body Mist Mango

NR (21)

Body Mist Hibiscus

NR (13)

Credits : Nature Republic

I can already picture myself lazing around under the warm sun, surrounded by fragrant red hibiscus, watching the soothing movement of the ocean waves ^^ What about you ? 😉


2 comments on “Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Line

  • Hi there, just found out about your blog. Think it does a great job keeping up with the new collections of korean makeup and skincare. Also love the idea about posting about discontinued items. I’ll be looking forward ^^

  • Hello Bijak ^^

    Thank you very much for your kind comment, I’m really happy you like my blog !

    I’m glad you like my idea of reviewing discontinued items 🙂 I thought that maybe people would be interested in discovering them. I’ll also name the products of the same brand that replaced them, which items from other brands are similar to them and where to buy them for the last time (if they’re still available).

    I’ll post the first one next week and it will be a Tony Moly product 🙂

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