Banila co. Acid Color Summer Collection

Published July 13, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

Last stop on our summer makeup journey, Banila co. Acid Color Summer Collection is a great mix of sharp neon pop colors and warm tropical shades, all bathed in fun and glitters ^^

acid (7)

Let’s have a roll call, please !

Play Body Shimmer Balm SPF15 PA+ Gold Bronzing, a.k.a how to add a sexy touch for those hot summer nights 😉

acid (6)

Glam Muse Lustre Lipsticks (LPK 568 & LOR 227)

acid (20)

acid (19)

– The highly convenient Lip Tint Pencils

acid (14)

Hot Pink

acid (13)

Hot Orange

acid (12)

Neon Pink

Quick Slick Eyeliners

acid (5)

acid (1)

acid (18)

acid (17)

acid (16)

acid (15)

Auto Stick Shadows

acid (11)

White Dew

acid (10)

Peach Pink

acid (9)

Gold Wave

acid (8)

Bronze City

acid (7)

Green Lake

acid (6)

Blue Marine

Gel Cake Shadows, for pigment & shimmer lovers

acid (4)


acid (5)


acid (4)


acid (3)


acid (2)

Green Grass

Nail Polishes, either solid or shiny

acid (3)

acid (1)

Credits : Banila co.

That wraps up my Summer Makeup Collections series 🙂 Lots of great items this year with daring colors everywhere, just how I love my makeup ! So, what’s your favorite collection for 2013 ? Do you think some brands went overboard with all these flashy colors or do you wish it got a bit crazier ? No matter which brand(s) or product(s) you chose, I’m sure you’ll have fun wearing them ^^

Oh, by the way, for those of you who are currently on vacation or will soon be : have tons of (safe) fun !! And for those who won’t go anywhere or are still stuck at work, let me keep you company this summer  ^-^

Next on Beauty-full Dreams : “A Mouthful of Sweet Cotton Candy”, also known as my long overdue review of Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk JPK003


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