Gmarket Shipping Cost Mystery Revealed

Published December 20, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

And now what you’ve all been waiting for : a post about ordering from Gmarket

Actually, placing an order on Gmarket is pretty easy once you understand their peculiar shipping cost system.

Let’s see how it goes :

Each item sold on Gmarket has an estimated weight determined by the seller him/herself, regardless of its actual weight. You can see it on the product page :


The estimated weight hardly ever match the real weight of the item. Supposedly, the difference between the two corresponds to the packaging of the product. Well, after 2 and a half years of ordering from Gmarket, I can tell you that it’s rarely the case.

So expect your Korean cosmetics to have an estimated weight of 0.2 kg on average, even those that only weigh less than 5 g in real life…


Baviphat eye stick : estimated weight = 0.6 kg, real weight = 9 g, doesn’t come in any kind of packaging…

Why is this shipping cost talk so important, you wonder ? Because when you place an order on Gmarket, you’re paying the shipping cost upfront, before knowing the real final weight of your parcel. For each item put in your shopping cart, the system gives you the total amount of your order, including the shipping cost based on the sum of all estimated weights and your location. And trust me EMS (the only shipping option available) costs go up pretty fast.


Estimated shipping cost at the bottom of the shopping cart

So, is it as unfair as it sounds ? Well, not really. Once Gmarket receive all the items of your order from the sellers, they pack everything in a single parcel and weigh it. If the actual weight is inferior to the estimated weight, they’ll credit the difference in shipping cost to your Gaccount. And if the actual weight is superior to the estimated weight, you’ll have to pay the difference before they send you your order.


Here the estimated weight was higher than the actual weight so 9,000 won were credited back

The good thing is that the money you pay for over-estimated weights isn’t lost, you get it back on your Gaccount. The bad thing is 1/ you have to pay a larger sum of money than necessary when you are placing the order, and 2/ the money isn’t credited on your bank account/paypal account, it’s credited on your Gaccount. You don’t actually get the money back, you can only use it for a future order.

So, my advice would be : always carefully check both the estimated weight & actual weight of what you want to buy and if there’s a big difference, ask yourself if you can afford to pay the extra money upfront.

Hope this helps ^^


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