It’s Skin Apple Peeling Tissue Review

Published February 5, 2014 by Beauty-full Dreams

We all know that exfoliating the skin is important to keep it healthy and beautiful but it’s not always easy : scrubs can cause irritation, peelings are messy and AHA-based lotions can be harsh on the skin. That’s why It’s Skin came up with a new alternative, the Apple Peeling Tissue.



At 1rst glance, it looks like a regular pack of cleansing tissues but when you open it and take one of the peeling tissue out…




Surprise ! It’s a colorful apple-shaped pad with a fresh green apple smell 🙂

So, how do you use this ? Directions are written in English on the back of the pack but I find them pretty vague, so here’s what I recommend :

1. Wash your face  as usual and pat dry with a towel. If your skin is sensitive, don’t dry it completely.

2. Take an Apple Peeling Tissue out and gently wipe your face with the colorful side. Be careful : don’t rub it in circle on your face and never use it on/around your eyes & lips !

3. Use the other side of the peeling tissue to gently wipe your face a 2nd time.

4. Let your skin dry a little.

5. Apply your moisturizer as usual.

Sweet Talk

“Apple Peeling Tissue is an easy & mild for daily exfoliating. Natural extracts of apple make your skin fresh, smooth, glowing & vibrant everyday”

The Naked Truth

It’s amazing what a small apple-shaped tissue can do for your skin ! It’s Skin Apple Peeling Tissue really makes your skin brighter, clearer and softer without causing any redness or discomfort, even on sensitive skin 😀 Apple extract (4 mg !), but also aloe, kiwi, tea leaves, soapwort and castor oil all help to give your face a healthy glow.


Despite all these, I won’t recommend using it everyday, especially if you have sensitive skin, due to the presence of alcohol. Twice a week seems like a good start to get the fresh-looking skin you’ve always wanted 😉

About the “easy” part, well, of course it’s way easier to use than scrubs and regular peelings but being thicker than cleansing tissues makes these apple-shaped pads not that convenient to get out of the pack and to hold while wiping your face. Still, it’s not a big issue. Also, the English directions say to “lightly tap remaining contents on the face for the absorption” but these tissues aren’t soaked enough to leave anything that needs to be tapped into the skin…

So, It’s Skin Apple Peeling Tissue in a nutshell…

Pleasant smell ? Yes !! Fresh & crispy green apple scent (with a hint of alcohol)

Easy to use ? Yes

Comfortable ? Yes, even on sensitive skin

Effective ? YES !

Good value ? Great value ! ($2.74/15 tissues, currently on sale at $0.98 !!)

Quick and simple to use, easy to carry around, extremely efficient with a great fresh Granny Smith fragrance and very affordable, It’s Skin Apple Peeling Tissue will instantly become your new ally in your quest of the perfect skin !



2 comments on “It’s Skin Apple Peeling Tissue Review

    • Hello !

      Thank you very much for your nice comment 🙂

      If you have the opportunity, do give them a try, you won’t regret it ! And they’re currently on sale on Gmarket 😉

      Also, I checked out your blog and I loved reading your posts ^^

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