Holika Holika I Want Chu 03 Mojito Kiss & 04 Cherry Coke Kiss Review

Published March 8, 2014 by Beauty-full Dreams

Hello my beauties, I’m back from my break ! Lots of news & reviews to come on Beauty-full Dreams, but first let’s talk about Holika Holika I Want Chu Mojito Kiss & Cherry Coke Kiss ^^

Back in my 1rst year of uni, flavored lipwear was all the rage and I got myself a pretty cool collection of vanilla, coconut & pomegranate shimmery lipsticks, lemon, coconut, strawberry, grape, green apple, melon & mint extra shiny glosses and strawberry, cherry, apricot, pineapple & tropical fruit fragrant lipbalms ^^ So, years later, I definitely couldn’t miss out on these babies :


Holika Holika I Want Chu is a line of 4 flavored lipbalm sets :


No. 01 Strawberry Smoothie Kiss (Refreshing Strawberry + Yogurt), No. 02 Milky Soda Kiss (Pure Milk + Refreshing Soda), No. 03 Mojito Kiss (Sour Lemon + Cool Mint) and No. 04 Cherry Coke Kiss (Sweet Cherry + Bouncing Cola)

As you noticed, they’re all sold by pairs and here’s the twist : these lipbalms are meant to be used by couples to share delicious sweet and sour kisses 🙂

Of course, the cocktail-loving, 90’s nostalgic me picked Mojito Kiss and Cherry Coke Kiss :


As you can see, the men’s lipbalms have mustaches printed on them, while the women’s ones have lips. Holika Holika chose rather tamed flavors for men, like yogurt, soda, mint or slightly more exotic cola, so they don’t run away screaming in horror when you ask them to put girly cake & candy flavors on their lips ;P

Holika Holika I Want Chu Mojito Kiss is a lemon & mint duo. I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t use lime like the actual cocktail but I guess that the contrast between a green lime lipbalm and a blue mint one wouldn’t have been enough, visually speaking.


Holika Holika I Want Chu Cherry Coke Kiss is obviously a…


famous 90’s drink

line in a famous 90’s song


… cherry & cola duo ^-^

Despite their different flavors, these lipbalms all share the same characteristics :

1/ they smell incredibly good !! They don’t smell like real fruits & stuff but their scents remind me of the taste of candies I used to love as a child :


Sour Lemon


Cool Mint


Sweet Cherry


Bouncing Cola

2/ they’re pretty sheer & glossy on the lips :


Mojito Kiss (left = lemon, right = mint)


Cherry Coke Kiss (left = cola, right = cherry)

3/ they’re doing a fine job as lipbalms, thanks to their many moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like glycerin, sunflower seed oil, jojoba, candelilla wax, tocopheryl acetate (= vitamin E), kiwi, lemon, apple, honey, acerola, melon, mulberry root, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry extracts, etc.

Sweet Talk :

“Romantic Lip Balm for delicious kiss you will never forget !”

The Naked Truth :

“Romantic” ? I don’t know. “Delicious” ? You’ll be the judge. But overly sweet, that’s for sure. And I don’t mean sweet as “our feelings are so pure kissing you feels like floating on a cloud” but rather “your lips taste so sugary, one more kiss and I’ll get cavities”. These lipbalms do have a faint flavor when you lick your (or somebody else’s) lips but you’ll barely taste it because of the sugar overload. Seriously, I have a sweet tooth and they’re even too sugary for me !! And the worse part is that if the lipbalms are very easy to remove, the sugar taste remains long after them ! This is a very surprising move because men in general (and Asian men in particular) aren’t that keen on sweet stuff, and even those who are won’t stand the level of sugar of these I Want Chu lipbalms…

So, Holika Holika I Want Chu Mojito Kiss & Cherry Coke Kiss in a nutshell…

Nice Texture ? Yes, they glide easily and you don’t feel them on your lips

Pleasant smell ? Oh yeah !!! Why the taste doesn’t match the scent ?? So unfair 😦

Easy to use ? Yes

Comfortable ? Yes, even on dry lips 🙂

Effective ? As a lipbalm yes, but not for the flavored kisses 😦

Long lasting ? Like any lipbalm, you need to reapply it through the day. Good luck getting rid of the sugar taste though !

Nice color ? Yes, sheer & glossy

Good value ? As lipbalms, yes ($8.77 per set, each set includes 2 tubes of 3.7 g each). As flavored lipbalms, don’t waste your money on them…

Holika Holika I Want Chu is a big letdown : the concept is fun, the lipbalms are effective as such, they smell incredibly good & give a nice glossy finish to your lips but the overpowering sweet taste ruins everything ! Too bad, without this sugary mess these lipbalms would have been one of the best products of 2013…

See you next time for my long overdue thoughts on Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk ^^


4 comments on “Holika Holika I Want Chu 03 Mojito Kiss & 04 Cherry Coke Kiss Review

    • I know 😀 And don’t forget the great smells too 😉 If you decide to buy it, maybe you should wait for a sale (Holika Holika has a 30% off sale each 27th in Gmarket) ? That way if you don’t like the taste, at least you wouldn’t have paid full price for them ^^

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