[Exclusive] Skinfood Pearl Oyster 2014 Summer Collection & Swatches !

Published May 18, 2014 by Beauty-full Dreams



“Glitter of pearl

Make up, Make Summer Dream

Skin Food Pearl Oyster”

Popular brand Skinfood kicked off the summer season last Monday with the release of its Pearl Oyster collection. Inspired by the sea, the 2014 makeup line mixes together the gorgeous blue & green shades of the ocean, the warm beige & honey colors of hot sand and sunkissed skin and the pretty sparkles of pearls and seashells. More than a handful of eyeshadows, lipglosses and nail polishes, Pearl Oyster feels like an invitation to a Pacific island 😀 So grab your fanciest bikini & most fashionable sunglasses and follow me through this exotic dream :

Seaweed Mineral Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick



“Smooth spreadability

Fixing and adhesion effects

Excellent waterproof function

Lasting all day long”



#1 Mineral Beige, #2 Mineral Brown, #3 Mineral Honey


#4 Mineral Coral, #5 Mineral Pearl, #6 Mineral Blue



Seaweed Dual-Proof Mascara Waterproof & Smudgeproof


“Spreadability of soft cream formulation

Long & curl effect

Super strong waterproof + smudgeproof dual function

Containing more fibers to produce long eyelashes”

Vita Color Lip Lacquer


BR01 Golden Brown (Lip Mousse), Sparkling Bronze (Top Coat)



BR01 Golden Brown + Sparkling Bronze

Nail Vita Alpha


ABL06 Deep Sea Blue

ABL07 Peridot

ABL08 Tourmaline

ABL09 Fluorite

ABL10 Crystal Ocean

ABL11 Ocean Tears

ABL12 Seashell Shine

AGL07 Sparkling Wave









Easy Nail Sticker #20 & Glittering Stone Stickers #1, #2, #3



So, what do you think ? This 2014 collection is the complete opposite of last year’s colorful Jungle Fruits makeup yet I like it too 🙂 I’d like to get my hands on the lip laquers and I totally fell in love with the Nail Vita Alpha colors ^^ The great thing about the Pearl Oyster line is that Skinfood wanted to make products that could actually be worn while swimming, playing sports or lazying around under the sun, so they’re all waterproof and sweatproof. This way any girl can stay pretty even in the hot summer weather 😉


Credits : Skinfood official website, Skinfood official facebook page, translation by myself



2 comments on “[Exclusive] Skinfood Pearl Oyster 2014 Summer Collection & Swatches !

  • I love the look of this collection so much! I bought a couple of nail polishes and the mineral blue eyeshadow last week so I can’t wait for them to turn up 🙂

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