[Exclusive] Dull Skin Begone ! Etude House Sparkling Toc!s Line Is Here

Published June 7, 2014 by Beauty-full Dreams

Your skin is rough and/or dull ? Your usual face creams don’t do the trick anymore ? You need to improve your skin condition quickly ? Don’t worry, Etude House has the solution : its brand new Sparkling Toc!s line !



Let’s start with Etude House Sparkling Toc!s All-In-One Gel, the first product of the line revealed on Etude House‘s website :



Sparkling Toc!s All in One Gel offers to revitalize your dull skin in just 7 days, thanks to sparlking water and lemon water 🙂 Sparkling water contains carbonic acid that will help to purify your skin through a massage-like effect, while the vitamin C from lemon water will brighten your face.

ehsparklingtocs2Vitamin C beads ^^


So, how to use this sparkling wonder ? Just apply Etude House Sparkling Toc!s All-In-One Gel on your face and neck as a morning cream, night cream or essence and massage lightly. Do it for a whole week and see the difference 😉

As I mentioned earlier, other Sparkling Toc!s products will follow this All-In-One Gel. Even though they haven’t been displayed yet on Etude House‘s website, I can already tell you that a Sparkling Toc!s Scrub Foam and a Sparkling Toc!s Carbonated Bubble Pack will complete the line 😀



Credits : Etude House official website, translation by myself



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