Tony Moly Ice Queen Green Tea Pack Flashback Review

Published June 10, 2014 by Beauty-full Dreams

A little late, but welcome to my Tony Moly Ice Queen Green Tea Pack flashback review !

This is the first part of a whole series of reviews dedicated to (unfortunately) discontinued cosmetics. Why talking about products that aren’t sold anymore, you wonder ? First of all, because I thought that those of you who recently discovered the wonderful world of Korean beauty might be interested in knowing what existed before. But also because some of these items can still be snatched for the very last time online and, for the ones that totally disappeared, because I’ll tell you which products replaced them and/or what cosmetics from other brands you can use instead 😉


When I started to order Korean products, 3 years ago, one of Tony Moly‘s bestsellers was the Ice Queen line. This summer-only series included 4 items :

Tony Moly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream, a 3-in-1 face cream (moisturizer + sunscreen + makeup base)


Tony Moly Ice Queen Snow White Sleeping Cream, a moisturizing & brightening sleeping pack made with aloe, green tea, lavender and lemon balm extracts


Tony Moly Ice Queen Tropical Pack, a clearing, whitening and calming wash-off pack based on a fruit complex (mango, grapefruit, guava, litchi)


and Tony Moly Ice Queen Green Tea Pack, a soothing & moisturizing wash-off pack including green tea, aloe, cucumber and watermelon extracts


 As you can see, all of them came in colorful ice cream-like packagings, which played a big part in their success ^^

Back then, I opted for the Green Tea Pack (I also wanted to try the Tropical Pack but it was always sold out) :



The yummy ice cream design wasn’t the only reason why I wanted this pack so badly, I was also drawn to its weird jelly texture…


… and Martian-like special effects. Just kidding, I took this pic under artificial light for once to better show the texture 😉



As you can see, it’s not just regular jelly, it’s a thick, granulated, springy jelly. It’s a bit strange but if you like dipping your fingers into cosmetics jars (with thoroughly clean hands, please !) and feel the textures, you’ll love this one !



tmicequeen2(it’s my 1rst time ever making an animated gif & definitely not the last 😉 )

Tony Moly Ice Queen Green Tea Pack was one of these products you should store in your fridge before use to enhance their effects. But even if you didn’t, you could feel the coolness of the Green Tea Pack as soon as it touched your skin ^^ The thick granulated texture made it a bit messy to rinse and I didn’t witnessed the pore-tightening result advertised then but it was a great mask to cool down and moisturize your face during the summer 😀 And it had a wonderful fresh smell (with a hint of alcohol) of aloe, cucumber and watermelon ^^


And now, the important part 😉

Tony Moly Ice Queen Green Tea Pack is…

Available for the last time at ? Not available anywhere *crying*

Replaced by ? Unfortunately, Tony Moly has never produced a replacement for this mask 😦

Similar to ? Finally some good news ! Even though Tony Moly Ice Queen Green Tea Pack has totally disappeared, here are 3 other options for you :

– Lioele Vita Shake Pack


This wash-off pack as the same texture & cool effect than the Green Tea Pack but it won’t calm your skin from the summer heat.



Note that mine was the Blueberry one but now only the Vita Shake Pack Fruits (which includes all the different varieties : Kiwi, Papaya, Cranberry, Apple Mango, Lemon & Blueberry) is sold.



– The SAEM Eco Farm Cucumber Moisture Mask



The SAEM Eco Farm Cucumber Moisture Mask has more of a clear paste than a real jelly texture. Yet it’s a great cooling and moisturizing pack with a deliciously fresh cucumber scent 😀 Gives a stronger, “icy” feel if you put it in the fridge before using ^^

– Innisfree jeju Sudachi Soothing Mask


I still haven’t tried this one (despite being on my wishlist for ages… but soon !), but it’s one of Innisfree‘s big hits and all the fellow beauty-addicts who tried it love its citrus smell, jelly texture and cooling & soothing effect.

Well, that’s it for today ! I hope you enjoyed your little trip back in time 😉 Please let me know what you think of this flashback series in the comment section ^^




2 comments on “Tony Moly Ice Queen Green Tea Pack Flashback Review

  • I had no idea this kind of Tony Moly range existed Lol, now the Tony Moly Ice Queen Snow White Sleeping Cream is officially a part of my wishlist 😀
    Too bad the Green Tea Pack is no longer available..

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