Happy New Year 2015 !!

Published January 5, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

I hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Year ! I want to start the new year with a massive THANK YOU to all my followers and all the lovely people who commented, liked and read my blog ❤  I was very happy to spend the year with you and I’m looking forward to a brand new year together in the wonderful world of Korean cosmetics !!

As you can guess from my past hiatuses, I wasn’t always able to take care of Beauty-full Dreams and my readers as much I wished, partly because of private issues, partly because typing too much cause me neck and arm pains 😦  That’s why I sometimes seem to suddenly “disappear” from my blog…

This year I decided to change my life for the better (in fact, I’ve already started in some ways 🙂 ) and to finally do what I’ve always wanted to do ! I might fail but at least I will have tried, and that’s what matters ! I may talk more about this later this year 😉

Anyway, I wish you all HEALTH, HAPPINESS & A WONDER-FULL YEAR 2015 !! From a beauty-addict’s point of view, it already looks fantastic ^-^




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