Upgraded ! Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint Line

Published January 16, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

Etude House has once again upgraded one of its bestsellers, the Fresh Cherry Tint line ^-^ The new 2015 version is called Sweet Cherry Tint and it underwent quite a few changes. First, the curvy eyeliner-like bottles turned into sticks :


(these were the the limited colors from the 5th anniversary edition) 



Then, the color range was renewed and expanded :


Old version : RD301 Cherry Red, PK001 Cherry Pink, OR201 Cherry Peach, PK002 Cherry Hot Pink



New version :

RD301 Love Bouncy Red, PK001 Lovely Bouncy Pink, OR201 Refreshing Bouncy Orange, PK002 Innocent Bouncy Pink, PP501 Sweet Bouncy Purple


It’s also supposed to moisturize your lips, which is always a plus (tints can be very drying). And lastly, the Sweet Cherry Tints now include a glossy effect to give you plump lips that will attract more than a few gazes 😉


Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint, another pretty item that goes straight to my wishing list 😀


Credits : Etude House, translation by myself


Next time, let’s welcome a new animal to the Holika Holika zoo ! ;p



2 comments on “Upgraded ! Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint Line

  • I liked the bottle packaging but I prefer the 2015 version too, it’s easier to use and the new colors look great 😉 And a glossy finish sounds cool 🙂

    P.S : You have a nice blog, by the way !

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