Revenge Of The Pastels : Espoir Pastel Punch Spring Collection

Published February 17, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

Trust eSpoir to turn the usually soft pastel tones of spring into a knockout makeup collection 😀


Let’s see what this eSpoir 2015 Pastel Punch Spring Makeup Collection is made of :

Eyeshadow Chiffon



The Pastel Punch Collection includes 2 series of eyeshadows, Eyeshadow Chiffon and Eyeshadow Sheer. Eyeshadow Chiffon is a matte, weightless, chiffon-like eyeshadow with vivid color that doesn’t fade throughout the day. It’s available in 4 different shades :



 Bonny, Jealousy, If You Dare & Warming Up



Eyeshadow Sheer


This series is especially made for oiler eyelids. It’s a long-lasting eyeshadow that doesn’t crease or smudge, thanks to eSpoir’s Oil Correlation Control Tech (OCCT). Eyeshadow Sheer offers 4 bright and shiny shades :



Forty Winks, Fanciful, Odd Soul & Gritty


Pastel Punch Blush Chiffon



A light, chiffon-like cheek blush in 3 vivid colors with a great staying power 🙂



Make Me So, Well Well & Uh Oh



Pastel Punch Lipstick Nowear S


Another variation of eSpoir’s popular Nowear lipstick line 😉 Nowear lipsticks are famous for being “weight free”, “smudge free” and “retouch free” and this Spring edition is no exception ^^ This semi-matte lipstick also keeps your lips moisturized thanks to a special plant complex.




 Teasing Me, Bonny & Jealousy. Aren’t these shades gorgeous ? ❤



Pastel Punch Fashion Nails


And because no makeup collection would be complete without some nail polishes, here are 3 vivid colors for you :



Teasing Me, Bonny & Some More


Pastel Punch Eyeshadow Palette Quad


Lastly, let’s not forget the Pastel Punch Eyeshadow Palette Quad, a four-color palette that can be freely configured with your favorite Eyeshadow Chiffon and/or Eyeshadow Sheer colors 😉






Now, you’ll never look at pastels in the same way ;p




Credits : eSpoir, translation by myself


Next, it’s Cotton Candy time with Tony Moly !



5 comments on “Revenge Of The Pastels : Espoir Pastel Punch Spring Collection

    • I saw a pic of the whole collection from the latest eSpoir event, they look pretty nice 😀 Too many tempting items are released at the same time, it’s hard to decide which one(s) to choose 😉

      • Ah they really do! ❤ I know HAHA the struggle is real! I always just want to buy everything I see to them out. I don't even know how I somehow end up only picking up a few things each shopping trip! 😛

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