Plagiarism For Dummies Ch.2 : Here We Go Again !

Published April 1, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

Those of you who’ve been following me long enough (thank you ❤ ) know that 2 years ago I had to deal with plagiarism when a so-called “blogger” copied & paste part of my Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick Review. I warned everyone who could be tempted to do the same that I will never tolerate plagiarism. Obviously today’s case didn’t read this post…

Still, the “Protected By Copyscape Do Not Copy” yellow logo on the top right should have been a good indication. It’s clearly not here just because it looks pretty. Neihter is the “translation by myself” mention in the credits of my news, it means “Back off, it’s my work”. Maybe I should write it in French for you to understand ??

Best part ? She’s one of my followers and I follow her blog too. Never thought I would find out through WordPress Reader ? How dumb (and hypocritical) was that ?!

Like the other thief (yes, because stealing somebody else’s work is a theft, ma chère), I won’t display her name or blog link. She ripped off my translation & description to gain more traffic and already benefited enough from it, there’s no way I’m gonna offer her free publicity on my very own blog to boot.

Yet, I can prove that she copied a whole paragraph (the one where I describe each product & translate all of their names) from my Etude House Dreaming Swan post and made it pass for her own writing 3 days later. Same layout, same way to put the number of colors/designs either in brackets or in a sentence, same words describing nail polish shades she can’t have seen for herself, even the exact same sentence, who the hell are you kidding ?!

She claims she got it from Etude House Instagram : liar ~ Etude House Instagram pics never showed the whole collection, the shades/designs for each item nor the names of all the products. And Etude House fb, twitter, blog, website, yt channel didn’t either. I got my info from a PR pic that wasn’t publicly released by Etude House, that’s why I didn’t include it in my post.

I know that a good chunk of the beauty bloggers out there -not restricted to Korean cosmetics, btw- are only here for sponsoring and perks (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sponsoring and getting free stuff, but when it’s your only motivation to maintain a blog, that’s low) but pushing the fame-craving to the point of stealing other people’s work is just pathetic. And it won’t be tolerated by me.

To your sorry a** and other losers like you :

Steal one more thing from me & face the consequences.

You’ve been warned.



6 comments on “Plagiarism For Dummies Ch.2 : Here We Go Again !

  • Never been in this situation before :O some ppl just dont know when to stop :/ seriously they don’t know how hard bloggers brainstorm to write a post. It just doesn’t seem easy as it is

    • Thank you for your comment 🙂 I hope you’ll never be in that situation because it’s quite frustrating to see your work stolen from you and somebody else making it pass as their own. You’re right, blogging is harder than it seems but some people just don’t care :/

  • I’m sorry to hear you have been having to deal with this situation! I have had a similar thing happen to me in the past with music posts but people don’t seem to understand that people actually put a lot of work into their posts and just to take it and try and pass it off as their own is low low low. Hope she learns and doesn’t continue doing it!

    • Thank you very much for your comment 🙂 I’m sorry you had to experience this too 😦 It’s unbelievable to see how far people can go for just a few more readers or better stats…
      She’d better stop here because if she does it again, I’m gonna have to take action.

  • I’m so disappointed to hear this. This shouldn’t be how blogging works. It’s low and pathetic. Have you contacted the blogger? Take a screenshot and report it to WordPress if she doesn’t delete the post?

  • Thank you very much for your comment 🙂 I agree, this shouldn’t be happening, blogging should be about happily sharing stuff with others, not stealing stuff from others…
    Contacting her would be useless, she would deny it. I already took a screenshot, I was waiting to see if she dared to do it again 😉

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