It’s Here ! Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection Is Now Available !

Published April 2, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

After a series of gorgeous photos that made every girl’s heart pounds faster, the much anticipated Dreaming Swan Spring makeup line magically appeared yesterday on Etude House website 😀

So brace yourself for a very long post, chock-full with lovely pictures and info, on the delicate ballerina-themed Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection ^-^

Dreaming Swan Eye And Cheek, 5 adorable eye shadows that can be used as blushers and vice versa. They have bright and vivid colors, due to the Wet & Dry Color Tech system, pore cover and sebum control properties and a silky yet moisturizing finish, thanks to the Wetting Forming Tech complex.





Here are the 5 shades available :


#1 Jeté Pink, #2 Pointe Coral, #3 Arabesque Rosy,


#4 Relevé Purple & #5 En Haut Pink


Dreaming Swan Dear My Blooming Lips-talk, the latest addition to the prolific Dear My lipstick line



PK022 Seemed To Fly Jeté Pink, OR225 Dreamed Of Coral Pointe, PK023 Breathtaking Arabesque Rosy, PP502 Tension Relevé Purple & PK024 Upstage En Haut Pink



Dreaming Swan Nail Kits






Kit #1, Dazzling Pointe Shoe, includes a shimmering polish named Pink Shoes, a pearl glitter polish called Satin Ribbon and a sheet of strasses.


Kit #2, Shining Tutu, includes a syrup nail polish called Milky Tights, a shimmering nail polish named Sheer Skirt and a feather decal.


Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact & Veiling Pact Brush, for a smooth and bright skin






Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer, a pearl cream shadow that can be used as a tear liner or an highlighter

(Fun fact : in the PR pic, it went by the name of Dreaming Swan Shine Glow)



#1 Dreaming Swan, #2 Dazzling Pointe Shoe & #3 Shining Tutu


Dreaming Swan Any Cushion Case



Give your favorite cushion pact a sweet makeover with these 3 delicate designs : #1 Dreaming Swan, #2 Dazzling Pointe Shoe, #3 Shining Tutu


Dreaming Swan Mini Pouch




To celebrate the online pre-launch of the Dreaming Swan Collection, Etude House added a Dreaming Swan Value Kit at ₩ 20,000 only (a bit less than $20) composed of Dreaming Swan Eye And Cheek #2 Pointe Coral, Dreaming Swan Dear My Blooming Lips-talk OR225 Dreamed Of Coral Pointe and Dreaming Swan Mini Pouch.



Etude House is currently having a promotion on its Korean website : buy one Any Cushion Refill and get a Dreaming Swan Any Cushion Case at half price. So if you’re in Korea right now, it’s a pretty sweet deal 😀

And last but not least, the woman we should all thank for this overly cute collection, fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess 😉


Credits : Etude House, translation by myself


Friendly reminder : at this point, no official translation of the names of the shades/designs & descriptions has been published anywhere. Until then, and since my own translations are the combined results of Korean dictionaries, personal researches and interpretation when needed (not literal translation or copy&paste from google translate), if you find the exact same “translations” after my post, then it’s a rip-off. Have a nice day ~



2 comments on “It’s Here ! Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection Is Now Available !

  • Just bought their value kit, and the veiling pact! Waiting for them in the mail now! I’m so excited!! 😀

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