Have Some Summer Fun With Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha Watergun Festival !

Published May 30, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

Summer’s just around the corner and our beloved Korean brands are starting to launch their future sunny hits one after another 😀 Today, let’s take a look at Skinfood’s latest Nail Vita Alpha α extension :



Named Nail Vita Alpha α – Watergun Festival, this new line is made of 6 vibrant pop colors, for a summer full of fun and energy ! Here are the different shades, along with their translated names 🙂



AYL01 Cass/C.S* Water Gun, AGR04 Power Water Gun, AOR03 Snipe Water Gun

APK08 Love Water Gun, ARE03 Sudden Attack Water Gun & AGL18 Water Fun Glitter

(*카스 both reads as Cass, which is a Korean beer brand and CS, from the famous FPS Counter-Strike)


Fun names, great colors, I already want these nails polishes ❤ Especially the yellow and the green ones ^^


Credits : Skinfood, translation by myself


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