The Liebster Award ^^

Published July 15, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

Two awards in a row, I feel very happy ! I’m very lucky to have such nice followers 😀


This time, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by the sweet Rei ^^ Thank you so much !! If you haven’t already, go check her blog Ririereirei and let her introduce you to cool beauty items and yummy foods 😉

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the nominator
  2. Display award in post
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers
  4. Answer the 10 questions


Time to share everything Rei wishes to know about me 😉

1. What animal would you like to be?

A cat ! I just love cats ❤ They’re smart and independent and I like how elegant they look when they walk ^-^


2. What is your favourite food since your childhood?

An Italian dish my grandma used to make when I was a child, Risotto alla milanese ❤ Brings back happy memories 🙂


3. What is your main motivation to blog?

Sharing my love for Korean cosmetics, the novelties & my personal crushes ❤ It’s kinda like being in the beauty section of a department store with your best friend, nudging her every 30 seconds saying “Look at this, isn’t it cute ?”, “Wow, such a pretty color ❤ “, “You gotta try this, it’s so cool !”, except that our playing field is the internet and my best friend here is my lovely followers & readers 😀


4. What is your dream job?

Fashion designer 😀 I’ve been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil and I’ve always had a burning passion for clothes so when I was a teen it was obvious for me that I’d do this for a living 😉 But during my last year of high school, I decided/was pushed to decide that I needed a more “stable” job… Yet the passion’s still here and I know I’ll do it someday, just waiting for the right timing ^^


5. What is your biggest success so far?

To live by my own values 😉


6. Which song do you sing while showering?

I never sing while showering, I’ll be too afraid to swallow some water (and soap) doing so 😉 But I often sing while cooking 😀 It can be anything from old musicals & 80’s songs to Jpop & anime openings ^^


7. If you can get a free flight ticket, where will you fly to?

Either Japan or Korea. I guess everyone knows I’m looking forward to visiting Korea but I also can’t wait to go to Kyôto and Osaka !


8. How do you spend your spare time?

Listening to music, watching movies, painting, playing games, going out, shopping, making sweets… Depends of my mood ^^


9. Which part of your body that you are most thankful for?

My nails, a lot of people told me I have beautiful nails 🙂


10. Cotton candy vs popsicles? Why?

Both ! Because I have a sweet tooth 😀 I love the melting cloud-like texture of sugary cotton candy but nothing beats an ice-cold popsicle in the hot Summer 😀


And the nominees for the Liebster Award are…

Valeu A Compra


Beauty Conspirator


Kelly Heart

Fiona The Cake



Makeup With Koker Face




Now some questions so I can know you better 😉

1. What’s the color of your phone ?

2. Blazing hot or ice cold ? (can be weather, dishes, drinks or anything you can think of 😉 )

3. The one accessory you couldn’t live without ?

4. What Summer fragance are you using now, if any ?

5. Black eyeliner or colorful eyeliner ?

6. What’s the last movie you saw & liked ?

7. Is there anything you’d like to achieve this Summer ?

8. Do you have an absolute favorite quote ?

9. Best ice cream flavor ?

10. Indiana Jones or Star Wars ?


Thank again to Rei for the award ! I hope my cute nominees will have fun answering my weird questions 😀



3 comments on “The Liebster Award ^^

    • You’re totally welcome 😀 Thanks, I’m glad you liked them 🙂 You can take your time, I’ll be waiting for your answers 😉

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