The SAEM Amazon Acaiberry Moist Cream Review

Published August 15, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams


We all know that finding the right moisturizer can turn into a real quest, so grab your hat & your whip and follow me to South America in search of the legendary Amazon Acaiberry Moist Cream 😀




The SAEM Amazon Acaiberry Moist Cream is actually a thick white-ish gel that exhales a strong berry smell, most probably of acai berries. I say “most probably” because, believe it or not, I’ve never been face to face with real acai berries 😉 I know, for an exotic cream hunter, it’s not that cool… What’s cool is the sensation on your face when you apply it : it feels nice & refreshing and the gel texture is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving a slight powdery touch 😀


You might experience a little tingling once all the gel is absorbed but don’t worry, it’s barely perceptible and it will disappear after a minute or so. It’s due to the light lifting effect of the cream 😉 But it’s perfectly safe to use on sensitive skins 🙂


The SAEM Amazon Acaiberry Moist Cream in a nutshell :

Nice Texture ? Yes, a non-sticky, non-greasy gel

Pleasant smell ? YES !! Smells like teen spirit  fresh blackcurrants ^^

Comfortable ? Yes ! You won’t even feel it ^^

Effective ? Yes, especially for a gel 😀

Good value ? Definitely ! Less than $10 for a 48ml moisturizing cream filled with exotic berries is a real bargain 😀

The SAEM Amazon Acaiberry Moist Cream is a good gel moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated without any sticky or greasy residue. Although it may not be enough for seriously dry skins, its intoxicating fresh acai berry smell will make you give it a try ^^



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