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[Exclusive] Discover All 15 Colors of Etude House Prism In Eyes !

Published September 27, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams

After a sneak peek of Etude House brand new eyshadow collection Prism In Eyes last night, I bring you today the full color scheme ❣

PK001 Sparkling Blossom


PK002 Romantic Starlight


PK003 Sizzling Heart


PP501 Shining Ruby


PP502 Luminous Shadow


OR201 Melting Sunset


RD301 Midnight Fever


BE101 Milky Glass


BR401 Gold Lining


BR402 Metallic Bronze


BR403 Browny Glitz


BR404 Rosy Haze


BR405 Glow Gemstone


BR406 Crystal Sugar


BR407 Retro Topaz


So, which one(s) of these prismatic delights will become your new fav ? 👑


Credits : Etude House


[Exclusive] Etude House Prism In Eyes Preview

Published September 26, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams

Get ready to be dazzled by Etude House upcoming eye shadows, the gleaming Prism in Eyes collection💎

This sparkling line includes 15 vibrant fall colors :

  • 3 pink shades, Sparkling Blossom, Romantic Starlight & Sizzling Heart
  • 2 purple shades, Shining Ruby & Luminous Shadow
  • 1 orange shade, Melting Sunset
  • 1 red shade, Midnight Fever
  • 1 beige shade, Milky Glass
  • 7 brown shades, Gold Lining, Metallic Bronze, Browny Glitz, Rosy Haze, Glow Gemstone, Crystal Sugar & Retro Topaz


Are you falling in love with these cute little jewels yet ? 😉


Credits : Etude House

[Exclusive] Skinfood Plum Mellow 2017 F/W Makeup Collection

Published September 19, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams


Summer isn’t officially over and yet fall makeup is pouring like rain in my cloudy hometown ^_^

In terms of makeup, autumn means lots of warm earthy tones but for the past couple years, red and purple have been the big winners of the season. That’s why Skinfood 2017 Fall/Winter Makeup Collection revolves around these colors.

Named Plum Mellow, this mouth-watering line is a mix of true novelties and juicy new shades :


Plum Mellow Glow Stick


Plum Mellow Glow Lip Lacquer


Latte Plum, Cocktail Plum & Sheer Plum


Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio – Plum Mellow


Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes – Plum Mellow


Fresh Fruit Nail – Plum Mellow

If you’re in Korea right now (lucky you !), you can get a limited edition Plum Mellow hand mirror by ordering directly from Skinfood


So, are you in the mood for Plum ? 😉




Credits : Skinfood

[Exclusive] Hera Souvenir de Paris – Memories Of Paris 2017 F/W Makeup Collection

Published September 18, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams


Hello everyone ! It’s been a while 🤗

Tonight I present you Hera’s brand new 2017 Fall/Winter makeup collection, the gorgeous Souvenir De Paris (also called Memories Of Paris) ❤

This time, Hera teamed up with fashion illustrator Garance Wilkens, best known for her beautiful watercolor works for Dior, to create one of the most glamorous Korean makeup line 💎

Inspired by the City of Light, Souvenir De Paris includes :

Blush Duo Rose C’est La Vie, a blusher-slash-highlighter in Moonlight Pale Pink & Sunset Rose

Eye Shadow Trio Paris Des Merveilles in Beige, Sparkling Brown & Soft Brick

UV Mist Cushion Cover Je T’Aime Temps in Vanilla Cover and Beige Cover


Rouge Holic Liquid Ne Me Quittes Pas Pulling Red, Romantic Pink & Creme Purple

Rouge Holic Sourire De Bonheur in Plum Red and Modest Rose

Cell Essence L’Amour Eclatant, a super moisturizing skincare that simulates body fluid


If like me you fell under the spell of these beauties, I suggest you get your hands on them fast : Hera Souvenir de Paris – Memories Of Paris is a limited edition and a very hot one 😉


Bonus :

Don’t miss Hera Souvenir de Paris stylish & creative CF 😊


Credits : Hera, translated by myself