[Exclusive] Skinfood Plum Mellow 2017 F/W Makeup Collection

Published September 19, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams


Summer isn’t officially over and yet fall makeup is pouring like rain in my cloudy hometown ^_^

In terms of makeup, autumn means lots of warm earthy tones but for the past couple years, red and purple have been the big winners of the season. That’s why Skinfood 2017 Fall/Winter Makeup Collection revolves around these colors.

Named Plum Mellow, this mouth-watering line is a mix of true novelties and juicy new shades :


Plum Mellow Glow Stick


Plum Mellow Glow Lip Lacquer


Latte Plum, Cocktail Plum & Sheer Plum


Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio – Plum Mellow


Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes – Plum Mellow


Fresh Fruit Nail – Plum Mellow

If you’re in Korea right now (lucky you !), you can get a limited edition Plum Mellow hand mirror by ordering directly from Skinfood


So, are you in the mood for Plum ? 😉




Credits : Skinfood


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