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Gmarket January Order <3

Published February 19, 2014 by Beauty-full Dreams

Look at what I received last week :


Both Etude House and The SAEM had sales in January so I picked up a few items from these shops 🙂

Let’s see this new haul in details :


ehjan1.jpgMoonlight In Spoon Blending Creams, Sunshine In Spoon Scrub Massages (both lines were at half price), Mini Jamjam Hand Lotion – Citrus, Ice Cream Nails BL601 Cool Blue Mint & BE101 Sweet Banana, Eyelashes 11 – Under Lash, Bling In The Sea Proof 10 Color Eye Stick BR401 Tanning Brown. And a gift 😉


perijan1.jpgMy Color Eyes #15 Lucid Pink, #22 Sugar Lavender & #31 Secret Garden


tsaemjan1.jpgUrban Eco Harakeke Cream EX, Urban Eco Harakeke Toner and more : a 20-something page booklet filled with GD’s commercial pics (the same as the one I got with my first order from The SAEM) and samples of Kumerahou Calming Washing Foam

gmjan2.jpgSamples & freebies ^^

And now, time for swatches & close-ups !




perijan5.jpg(All pics taken without flash)

Only 1 swipe of these eyeshadows and look at how shiny they are !

ehjan2.jpg2 beautiful colors 🙂 I love how the top not only has the shape but also the texture of an ice cream cone ^^

ehjan3.jpgBe careful when using this Tanning Brown shade : just like the Deep Ocean Blue, it’s heavily pigmented so it’s easy to apply too much of it 😉

ehjan4.jpg(no flash, direct sunlight)

ehjan6.jpgEach Scrub Massage comes in two 14 ml sachets. I already tried this one and so far I have mixed feelings about it. I followed the instructions written in English on the back and massaged it in circular motion for 2-3 minutes on dry skin. Problem is I couldn’t even reach the 2 minutes because the scrub was starting to get absorbed by my skin !! After I rinsed it and put some moisturizer, a few spots of my face became itchy 😦 On the other hand, when I washed off the Scrub Massage, the results were amazing : my skin wasn’t just brighter, it was actually whiter and really soft ! Next time, I’ll use it my way (slightly damp skin & no more than 30-40 seconds) & see how it turns out 😉


Moonlight In Spoon Blending Cream is a 2-part spoon : you break off the handle and use it to mix the cream-in-gel sleeping mask inside the curve of the spoon ^^ My mum tried the olive one and she loved it 🙂

ehjan7.jpgThe mysterious gift from Etude House is in fact a pouch…


ehjan9.jpg… that turns into an armchair -shaped stand for your makeup brushes !!

tsaemjan2.jpgThe Harakeke (a plant from New-Zealand) Cream and Toner were sold together. They are gifts for my mum 😉



That’s it for today ! I’m taking a short break but I’ll be back in a few days with Holika Holika I Want Chu and Etude House Sweet Recipe reviews ^^


Gmarket December Order, The SAEM & G-Dragon ^^

Published December 16, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

Both Etude House and The SAEM had sales going on at the time I ordered so I got myself a few nice makeup & beauty items :




I ran out of my beloved Pure Moisture Cream so I added it to the order. I got the Prestige Crème d’Escargot BB as a gift and a few samples (Mangowhite Cleansing Cream, Power 10 Formula YE Effector and Power 10 Formula Propolis) ^^ I gave the Mangowhite sample to my mum and she loved it ! It left her sensitive skin bright & soft and it has a very nice smell too 🙂



I’m not sure if I’ve ever made a Gmarket order without any Etude House product…  This time I chose the Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Tissue, Mini JamJam Hand Lotion Strawberry, Hello Lotion Lemon & Lime Body Lotion, Help My Finger Essence Spa and Nail Paraffin Pack, Oh! M’Eye Lash Curling mascara, Proof 10 Liquid Liner BK801 and 2 more Bling In The Sea Proof 10 Color Eye Stick (BL604 Deep Ocean Blue & BR402 Sunset Brown). Oh, and a bottle of Look At My Nails polish #BK801 :





Although there weren’tsales on all Lioele products, the brand had some pretty sweet deals on a few items 🙂 The Color Eye Shadows in Satin Grape (#18) and Lemonade (#34) cost me less than $2 each !! And the Bubi Bubi Mascaras were sold in a bundle for about $7 if I remember well. Mine are Clear and Dancing Blue. I also bought 2 Essential Red Ginseng Mask Sheets and received 2 free samples with my order : Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base & Fresh Sun Screen.

Swatches time :


gm12-8.jpgNo flash, inside, direct sunlight

gm12-9.jpgNo flash, inside, natural light

gm12-10.jpgLioele & Etude House mascaras, liner and eye sticks

gm12-11.jpgProof 10 Liquid Liner BK801, Bling In The Sea Proof 10 Color Eye Stick BL604 Deep Ocean Blue & BR402 Sunset Brown



It was my first time ordering The SAEM products and I’m so glad I did it ! I took advantage of their 30% off sales to get these lovely items : Natural Gold Kiwi Mask Sheet, Gem Miracle Black Pearl Gel Mask Sheet, GD Eco-Energy Gel Mask Sheet Moist & Bright (with Big Bang‘s G-Dragon‘s face & signature on it ^^ I love Big Bang ), Eco Farm Cucumber Moisture Mask, Dessert Jelly Pack in Apple, Strawberry & Apricot and Amazon Acaiberry Moist Cream (which has a wonderful smell 🙂 ) The SAEM is pretty generous with gifts as I received 3 Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask samples, 2 tiny bottles of Urban Eco Harakeke Emulsion + 2 of Urban Eco Harakeke Toner and a 26-pages mini booklet filled with gorgeous promotional pictures of G-Dragon !!! I’m already in love with this brand (or G-D, I’m not sure anymore 😉 ) !! My mum immediately tried the Bubble Mask sample and the Harakeke Emulsion and both had spectacular results ! I can’t wait to buy the full products !

Hey, where are going ?! This post isn’t over yet, my order also included two more beauties ^^




gm12-15.jpgMy Color Lips #3 Vanilla Pink and #18 Purple Haze

Swatches time bis :

gm12-16.jpgNo flash, inside, direct sunlight. Far left (Vanilla Pink) & far right (Purple Haze) = 2 swipes, middle = 1 swipe

gm12-17.jpgNo flash, inside, natural light. Far left (Vanilla Pink) & far right (Purple Haze) = 2 swipes, middle = 1 swipe

That’s all for now ! Next time, I’ll teach you how to get wonderful  Korean beauty products like these from Gmarket ^^