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Gmarket December Order, The SAEM & G-Dragon ^^

Published December 16, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

Both Etude House and The SAEM had sales going on at the time I ordered so I got myself a few nice makeup & beauty items :




I ran out of my beloved Pure Moisture Cream so I added it to the order. I got the Prestige Crème d’Escargot BB as a gift and a few samples (Mangowhite Cleansing Cream, Power 10 Formula YE Effector and Power 10 Formula Propolis) ^^ I gave the Mangowhite sample to my mum and she loved it ! It left her sensitive skin bright & soft and it has a very nice smell too 🙂



I’m not sure if I’ve ever made a Gmarket order without any Etude House product…  This time I chose the Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Tissue, Mini JamJam Hand Lotion Strawberry, Hello Lotion Lemon & Lime Body Lotion, Help My Finger Essence Spa and Nail Paraffin Pack, Oh! M’Eye Lash Curling mascara, Proof 10 Liquid Liner BK801 and 2 more Bling In The Sea Proof 10 Color Eye Stick (BL604 Deep Ocean Blue & BR402 Sunset Brown). Oh, and a bottle of Look At My Nails polish #BK801 :





Although there weren’tsales on all Lioele products, the brand had some pretty sweet deals on a few items 🙂 The Color Eye Shadows in Satin Grape (#18) and Lemonade (#34) cost me less than $2 each !! And the Bubi Bubi Mascaras were sold in a bundle for about $7 if I remember well. Mine are Clear and Dancing Blue. I also bought 2 Essential Red Ginseng Mask Sheets and received 2 free samples with my order : Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base & Fresh Sun Screen.

Swatches time :


gm12-8.jpgNo flash, inside, direct sunlight

gm12-9.jpgNo flash, inside, natural light

gm12-10.jpgLioele & Etude House mascaras, liner and eye sticks

gm12-11.jpgProof 10 Liquid Liner BK801, Bling In The Sea Proof 10 Color Eye Stick BL604 Deep Ocean Blue & BR402 Sunset Brown



It was my first time ordering The SAEM products and I’m so glad I did it ! I took advantage of their 30% off sales to get these lovely items : Natural Gold Kiwi Mask Sheet, Gem Miracle Black Pearl Gel Mask Sheet, GD Eco-Energy Gel Mask Sheet Moist & Bright (with Big Bang‘s G-Dragon‘s face & signature on it ^^ I love Big Bang ), Eco Farm Cucumber Moisture Mask, Dessert Jelly Pack in Apple, Strawberry & Apricot and Amazon Acaiberry Moist Cream (which has a wonderful smell 🙂 ) The SAEM is pretty generous with gifts as I received 3 Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask samples, 2 tiny bottles of Urban Eco Harakeke Emulsion + 2 of Urban Eco Harakeke Toner and a 26-pages mini booklet filled with gorgeous promotional pictures of G-Dragon !!! I’m already in love with this brand (or G-D, I’m not sure anymore 😉 ) !! My mum immediately tried the Bubble Mask sample and the Harakeke Emulsion and both had spectacular results ! I can’t wait to buy the full products !

Hey, where are going ?! This post isn’t over yet, my order also included two more beauties ^^




gm12-15.jpgMy Color Lips #3 Vanilla Pink and #18 Purple Haze

Swatches time bis :

gm12-16.jpgNo flash, inside, direct sunlight. Far left (Vanilla Pink) & far right (Purple Haze) = 2 swipes, middle = 1 swipe

gm12-17.jpgNo flash, inside, natural light. Far left (Vanilla Pink) & far right (Purple Haze) = 2 swipes, middle = 1 swipe

That’s all for now ! Next time, I’ll teach you how to get wonderful  Korean beauty products like these from Gmarket ^^


My Etude House Sweet Recipe Order From Gmarket !

Published February 11, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

When the Sweet Recipe spring makeup line was revealed by Etude House, I had an instant crush on some of the items. Thus on February 1rst, the official release day of the range, I rushed on Gmarket to buy them ^_^  And my parcel finally arrived this morning !

Here are the photos of my order :


The long (well, not so long) awaited parcel 🙂


They’re finally here !


Only a few layers of bubble wrap between me and them 😉


My beloved products !


But first, the Holika Holika Luminous Silk BB #2, for my mum. Look at this delicate and feminine packaging !


A few other Etude House items : Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Tissue, Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream and Look At My Eyes Pearl Shadow Base


The Sweet Recipe cosmetics !! Let me introduce you the Baby Choux Bases (Mint Choux and Peach Choux), the Cotton Candy Ball, the Candy Sticks (Orange Candy, Strawberry Candy and Lemon Candy) and the Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk JPK003 (Cotton Candy) 🙂


The 3 fruit-smelling tint glosses…


… and the gorgeous jelly lipstick ^-^


I also received 2 gifts from Etude House : a Pearl Extract Mask and a Missing U – I Can Fly bathrobe


It’s really soft and warm 🙂

So, as you can guess, I am very happy with my order ! Buying from Gmarket is easy once you know how to do it and shipping is fast. If you want me to explain how to place an order from Gmarket, just ask me, I’ll make a post about it.

I haven’t tried my Sweet Recipe items yet but everything looks great ! Reviews are coming pretty soon, so stay tuned !