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Holika Holika Glossy Play 2018 Spring Summer Collection

Published March 14, 2018 by Beauty-full Dreams

Grab your rollers & unicorn colors and go have fun in the wonderful glistening world of Holika Holika Glossy Play 2018 S/S Collection ❣⛸🦄🌈💎

Holika Holika Glossy Play Jewel Light Skinny Eyeliner



Holika Holika Glossy Play Piece Matching 12 Shadow Palette



Holika Holika Glossy Play Piece Matching Shadow & Glow Beam



Holika Holika Glossy Play Piece Matching Blusher & Highlighter



Holika Holika Glossy Play Crystal Melty Stick


Holika Holika Glossy Play Lipconic Tint Magma



Holika Holika Glossy Play Multi Glowy Booster


Holika Holika Glossy Play Piece Matching Nails 18 S/S Nail Fit Sticker


Cheer Up


Field Play


Holika Holika Glossy Play Magic Tool Brush






Credits : Holika Holika


The Saem 2018 Spring Summer Collection

Published March 8, 2018 by Beauty-full Dreams

As the weather is slowly getting warmer & sunnier, it’s time to put some colors in your life with The Saem 2018 Spring Summer Collection !


The Saem 2018 S/S Eco Soul Powerproof Super Slim Eyeliner

BE01 Under Beige, BR06 Rose Brown & BK02 Ash Black


The Saem 2018 S/S Saemmul Single Blusher

PP01 Orchid Rumor, PK05 Yogurt Pink, RD04 Carrot Red, YE01 Honey Yellow & PK04 Rose Ribbon


The Saem 2018 S/S Kissholic Leather Glow

RD01 Tomato Red, OR01 My Orange, PK01 Fuschia Pink, PK02 Be A Rose & PP01 Violet Kiss


The Saem 2018 S/S Cheek Brush


Credits : The Saem

Chica Y Chico One Shot Eye Palette – My First Picnic Spring Edition

Published February 26, 2018 by Beauty-full Dreams

Another day, another Spring Collection 🌸🌷 Today, Chica Y Chico invite you to a romantic picnic (or should I say pink-nic 😉) on the grass with their brand new One Shot Palette My First Picnic Spring Edition 🍀 The latest addition to the One Shot Palette line is available in 2 different versions, Lovely Pink & Adorable Peach, each palette including 6 eyeshadows (3 matte, 2 glitter & 1 shimmer) in an harmony of pinks & browns or oranges & browns.


#05 Lovely Pink & #06 Adorable Peach




Doesn’t this romantic setting make you feel like grabbing some tasty sandwiches, pretty cupcakes & sweet fizzy drinks and enjoying the sunny day in a nice park ? 🍙🍰🥂☀🌳


Credits : Chica Y Chico


Peripera 2018 Spring Summer Collection

Published February 20, 2018 by Beauty-full Dreams

Peripera has released today its 2018 Spring Summer Collection 🌸⛱ But instead of an actual original line, these Spring Summer items are a mix of new products, renewed Christmas makeup and added colors to an already existing lipwear 🤔

Let’s check them out !


Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 🍭🍬

Strawberry Sweet, Grapefruit Spirit, Pink Melon, Sweet And Sour & CherryPie Filling



These cute syrup-like bottles contain Manuka honey, maple syrup & muscovado sugar to keep your lips moist and sweet 🍯


Also, Peripera Sugar Glow Tint has a curved applicator to better fit your lips 👄


Peripera Ink Skin Tint 🍼

Ivory Cover, Beige Cover, Sand Cover & Peach Tone Up


Peripera Sugar Twinkle Liquid Shadow 💎

Pink Melody, Candy Cane, Kitten Beige, Diamond 3carat, Beige Harmony & French Flower


These are a renamed version of the Peripera Pearly Night Liquid Glitter Shadow. The first 3 shades come from the Pearly Night Christmas Collection while the others are exclusive to the Sugar Twinkle line


Peripera Ink Highlighter 💖

Lavender Space Beam, Pink Champagne Beam & Beige Kitten Beam

Like the Liquid Shadow above, these highlighters also belong to the Pearly Night collection, Beige Kitten Beam being the only new shade


Peripera Ink Airy Velvet 💋

Peripera added 5 new Spring & Summer colors to the famous Ink Airy Velvet line : Pinkish Grapefruit, Bloomy Orange, Apricot Coral, Rose Pink & Bright Plum




Credits : Peripera


eSpoir Slow Chic 2018 Spring Collection

Published February 18, 2018 by Beauty-full Dreams

Slow beauty is a well-known concept but eSpoir is taking it a step further by venturing into the world of  slow makeup with its Slow Chic 2018 Spring Collection ❣ The whole idea behind this new line is to slow it down, take a break, breathe, rediscover the pleasure of makeup and enjoy the soft textures & subdued colors of the Slow Chic collection 😊

So, grab a warm cup of tea and a blanquet & follow me through the peaceful universe of eSpoir Slow Chic 2018 Spring Collection ☕

eSpoir Slow Chic Eye & Cheek Palette


eSpoir Slow Chic Blush Glow



eSpoir Slow Chic Color Conic Tint Lacquer In Balm


eSpoir Slow Chic Fashion Nail


eSpoir Slow Chic Collection Exclusive Kit


Limited to 500 sets, this kit includes eSpoir Slow Chic Eye & Cheek Palette, Slow Chic Blush Glow in Love Peach, Slow Chic Color Conic Tint Lacquer In Balm in Cuddling Coral & a Slow Chic Limited Eco Bag


Time to take the time to enjoy the feeling of applying makeup 😉




Credits : eSpoir, translation by myself


Hera Heramour Valentine’s Day Collection !

Published February 14, 2018 by Beauty-full Dreams

Hello my lovely readers 🤗 I hope you had/will have a perfect Valentine’s Day 👗👠🥂🍾🌹🎁🌠 with your special someone, if you’re in a relationship, and that if you’re single like me you’ll find the person of your dreams very soon ❤

But on this special day, no matter what your current romantic status is, we’re all gathered here to celebrate our love for beauty & makeup with Hera’s Valentine’s Day Collection 💋 Wittily named Heramour (Amour means love in French, as most of you probably already know), this makeup collection is actually a re-packaged version of existing pink & red shades from the Flash Blusher and Rouge Holic Cream lines plus a special lipstick set & 2 new shades of Nail Enamel Color, all dressed up in Valentine’s Day fashion 💘

Let’s take a closer look !

Hera Heramour Flash Blusher


#1 Pink On Top


#4 Rose On Cotton

Hera Heramour Rouge Holic Cream


#205 Hawaiian Baby

#332 Red Holic


Hera Heramour Rouge Holic Exceptional Mini Set


#142 Diva, #235 Mi Amor Seoul, #158 Rosy Dream & #299 Jealousy


Hera Heramour Nail Enamel Color

#1 Valentine Pink


#2 Valentine Red




So, have you all fallen in love with Hera Heramour Collection ? 😍


Credits : Hera, translation by myself


Tony Moly Fabric Collection – Spring 2018

Published February 10, 2018 by Beauty-full Dreams

Despite the freezing cold in Seoul ⛄, Kbeauty Spring collections keep on blooming one after the other, bringing forth a world of delicate petals, sweet scents & pastel colors. 💐This time Tony Moly teamed up with designer Kelly Park, famous for her text-adorned works, to create their Spring 2018 Fabric Collection. As its name suggests, the new makeup line is based on different fabrics such as linen, lace & denim but also flowers like lotus, daisy and camellia.🌼


Tony Moly Fabric Collection BCDation Linen Cushion

01 Vanilla Beige, 02 Skin Beige & 03 Warm Beige


Tony Moly Fabric Collection Crystal Lace Blusher

Look at the lovely details 🌸💟

Each blusher is embossed with flowers and lace. The lace part is a matte powder while the flower part is obviously a trio of color powders.

 01 Lotus Pink, 02 Daisy Coral, 03 Camellia Red (blush)

04 Pure White (highlight)

05 Maple Brown, 06 Peanuts Brown (shading & contouring)


Tony Moly Fabric Collection Kiss Lover Style S

OR02 Orange Sherbet, PK08 Macaroon Pink, CR03 Lively Coral, PK09 Pink Fudge & CR04 Lace Coral


Tony Moly Fabric Collection Crystal Single Eye Shadow

M19 Mild Coral, S23 Pink Bell, S24  Coral Romance, S25 Twinkle Jean & S26 Indigo Blue Jean


Tony Moly Fabric Collection Back Gel Miracle Fit Super Proof Liner

11 Navy Jean


Tony Moly Fabric Collection Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara

06 Denim Navy


Tony Moly Fabric Collection Tony Nail Lover

01 Spring Fantasy, 02 Sofy Coral, 03 Yellow Child, 04 Inside Blue & 05 Little Purple


Bonus : Tony Moly Fabric Collection Eye Make

Tony Moly Fabric Collection items used :

– Crystal Single Eye Shadow S25 Twinkle Jean & S26 Indigo Blue Jean

–  Back Gel Miracle Fit Super Proof Liner 11 Navy Jean

–  Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara 06 Denim Navy


Time to reveal your inner fashion designer and create some fun & original Spring looks with Tony Moly Fabric Collection ❣🌸👗


Credits : Tony Moly, translation by myself