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Tony Moly Wants You To Get Creative With Piky Biky New Line !

Published December 12, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams

Tony Moly has come up with a brand new line called Piky Biky 💥 Dressed in flashy pop art packagings, these cute little items are encouraging you to be colorful, creative & to express yourself through makeup ! 💄💅👩‍🎨

Check these out :

Tony Moly Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint


Tony Moly Piky Biky Art Pop Correcting Base


Tony Moly Piky Biky Art Pop Cover Foundation


So, my dear makeup lovers, does Tony Moly Piky Biky line make you want to be colorfuly creative in 2018 ? ⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅


Credits : Tony Moly



Banila Co. Spotlight Holiday Edition

Published December 10, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams

Another star to the kbeauty Christmas tree : Banila Co. Spotlight Holiday Edition ! 🎄🌟 Banila Co. 2017 Christmas makeup collection may just include 2 products but the number of ways you can use them is only limited by your imagination 😉

Banila Co. Cheer Spotlight Cream

This shimmering nude highlighter cream can be used alone, mixed with your usual skincare or with a blusher. It will give a sparkling touch to your cheeks, nose bridge, forehead, eyelids, neck & shoulders or even your legs 💖 💎 And you can apply it with a brush, a sponge or your fingers to obtain different effects 👍


Banila Co. Liplike Spotlight Kit



This kit is made of 6 liquid lipsticks (3 mini Lipslip + 3 mini Lipslipon) that can be layered any way you like 💄💋

In need of inspiration ? Check out these Banila Co. videos 👀






Bonus : Here’s a myriad of Banila Co. Spotlight looks 🎆🎉


Let’s all steal the spotlight this Christmas, thanks to Banila Co. ! 😎


Credits : Banila Co.

Espoir Holiday Shower

Published December 8, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams

Christmas is still more than 2 weeks away yet eSpoir has already granted one of our wishes by releasing the masterpiece of this season’s collections, the luxurious eSpoir Holiday Shower 💖

eSpoir Holiday Shower Metallic Eye Glitter


Slip Dress, Chilling Chilling, Her Name Is & Private Party





eSpoir Holiday Shower Eye Palette

Evening Dress, Angelic, Midnight Mood & Chandelier


eSpoir Holiday Shower Highlighting Powder (available from December 12th)


eSpoir Holiday Shower Couture Lip Fluid Flash

Golden Live, Suger Ball & Evening Glass




eSpoir Holiday Shower Fashion Nail Mini Kit


I’m Charmed, I’m Gorgeous & I’m Chilling





eSpoir Holiday Shower Exclusive Kit

This kit includes the Highlighting Powder, 2 Metallic Eye Glitter eyeshadows (Her Name Is & Private Party) and the Couture Lip Fluid Flash in Golden Live for less than $50 !


eSpoir Holiday Shower Perfume Candle

This candle is actually a gift for buying several items of the Holiday Shower collection in eSpoir stores


This Christmas, are you ready to be showered in glitters ? 😉🌨🎆


Credits : eSpoir, translation by myself


A’Pieu Holiday Party – Glitter Look

Published December 7, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams

Welcome to the 2nd half of my kbeauty Christmas Makeup Collections 2017 series ! ✌🤗Today, let’s take a closer look at the ultra shimmering A’Pieu Holiday Party 💎 Subtitled A’Pieu Glitter Look, the collection is made of shiny additions to existing eye, lips & nails lines plus a brillant 2-in-1 novelty 💖


A’Pieu Eye Glitter

#5 Eternal Breeze


#6 Frozen Space


#7 Lost Planet



A’Pieu Glitter Linercara


Flash Sand, Twinkle Peach & Metallic Rose




A’ Pieu Lip Glitter


A’Pieu Lasting Nails









Bonus : A’Pieu Holiday Party Glitter Looks


Party In The City 🌃🎆



Party In The Home 🏠🎉



So, my lovely readers, are you going to party In The City or In The Home ?



Credits : A’Pieu





The Saem Holiday Edition & O Hui Sparkling Makeup Collection

Published December 5, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams

If you’re looking for some stylish presents for your mum, your aunt or even your grandmother, The Saem & O Hui have the perfect gift sets for you 🎁😉

The Saem Holiday Edition


The Saem Eco Soul Essence Cushion All Cover Gift Set

This set includes the Eco Soul Essence Cushion All Cover in shade #13, #21 or #23 and the Eco Soul Cushion Primer


The Saem Perfumed Hand Set

The red version includes the following items :

  • The Saem Perfumed Hand Shea Butter – Soft Powder
  • The Saem Perfumed Hand Cream – Iris
  • The Saem Perfumed Hand Moisturizer – Apple Blossom


while the grey version includes :

  • The Saem Perfumed Hand Shea Butter – Floral Musk
  • The Saem Perfumed Hand Cream – Peach Blossom
  • The Saem Perfumed Hand Moisturizer – Acacia


The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Root Skin Care 2 Set (Urban Eco Harakeke Root Toner + Root Essence + Root Cream + mini Root Toner + mini Root Eye Cream)


The Saem Holiday Edition also features 3 Kiss Button Lips Matte lipsticks : Night Rose, Moody Coral & Holy Wine



Meanwhile, O Hui released 5 gorgeous gift sets under the name Sparkling Makeup Collection :


O HUI Sparkling Makeup Collection #01

O HUI Ultimate Cover Cushion Moisture in Beige Milk + refill & O HUI Rouge Real Marble Edition MW10 Merlot Red


O HUI Sparkling Makeup Collection #02

O HUI Ultimate Cover Cushion Moisture in Honey Beige + refill & O HUI Rouge Real Marble Edition MC11 Rose Pink


O Hui Sparkling Lipstick Special Set

Available in 3 different shades, this set includes O HUI Rouge Real lipstick + a mini O HUI Second Skin Radiant Primer


So are you still in the middle of Christmas shopping or do you have all your presents ready yet ? 🛍🤗


Credits : The Saem, O Hui, Korea Depart, Tester Korea


Nature Republic Green Holiday Limited Edition

Published November 26, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams

Here comes the last part (at least temporary since A’Pieu & Tony Moly haven’t announced their own editions yet) of my 2017 Christmas Collections Special : Nature Republic Green Holiday ! 🎅🎄🎁

Nature Republic Green Holiday Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream 🌊


Nature Republic Green Holiday Shea Butter Moist Steam Cream ♨️


Nature Republic Green Holiday Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Water 🍾


Nature Republic Green Holiday Hand & Nature Hand Cream (Peach & Lily) 🤝 🍑🌺


Nature Republic Green Holiday Pro Touch Shadow Palette (01 Brown Note & 02 Love Rosy) 👀



Nature Republic Serum In Tint 💄

Nature Republic Kiss My Mousse Tint Kit 💋



Credits : Nature Republic, translation by myself



Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas Holiday Edition

Published November 25, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams

Every year during the holiday season Innisfree products put on their red, green & gold packagings to bring the warmth of Christmas directly into our homes. 🎅 🎄 So let’s relax by the fireplace, a hot drink in hand, and enjoy Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas Holiday Edition 🛋🔥☕

Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas Holiday Reset Cushion in Pink Beige & True Beige


Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas Holiday Cushion Case (Santa, Rudolph & Tree)


Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas Holiday My Palette, 2 mini palettes including 2 eyeshadows (a shade of gold + one of the star colors of this fall aka red & purple) and a blusher each


Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas Holiday Winter Kiss Lip Set (1 tint + 1 Lip Sleeping Pack)


Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas Holiday Real Vivid Color Nail Set, 2 nail art kits including 2 nail polishes, glitter powder & a sheet of stickers each


Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas Winter Skincare Puzzle Collection (Green Tea Sleeping Mask + Black Green Tea Mask + The Green Tea Seed Serum + Orchid Enriched Cream + Green Tea Mineral Mist)


Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas Perfumed Hand Cream Miniature Set (Sunshine Wild Berry + Guest House Laundry + Pink Coral + Autumn Rain + Tangerine Farm + Small Wedding Bouquet)


Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas My Body Miniature Set (Body Cleanser & Body Lotion in Cherry Blossom + Gardenia + Cotton Flower)


Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas Wish Upon My Santa / Wish Upon My Rudolph Scented Candle


Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas Wish Upon My Santa / Wish Upon My Tree Potpourri


Innisfree 2017 Green Christmas DIY String Art Kit (3 versions : Rudolph, Christmas Tree & Santa Claus)

Important : Part of the proceeds from the sale of the DIY Kits will go to Save The Children to support children who are in foster homes due to abuse, neglect, etc. So if you’re in Korea (I don’t know if they’re sold abroad) by buying these kits, you will also support a good cause 🤗👍

And now my fellow cats & dogs lovers 😸🐶, a heart-warming Christmas tale by Innisfree


Have a nice & warm Christmas everyone ❣


Credits : Innisfree, translation by myself