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[Exclusive] Be The First To Discover Peripera Pearly Night Cushion !

Published October 2, 2017 by Beauty-full Dreams

Here’s a treat for you my lovely readers : the very first images of Peripera upcoming Pearly Night Ink Lasting Pink Cushion ! 😁


Do you remember Peripera Ink Lasting Pink & Mint Cushions and Peripera No Sebum Milk Sun Cushion from the Perikiki Summer Collection ?


These cushions had a special case : the top was filled with green or pink water that made little characters moved along when you turned the cushion case to the sides or upside down 🌊

WellPeripera Pearly Night Ink Lasting Pink Cushion is the glammed up version, with pink glittery water and hologram stars filling the case 💎Perfect for the Christmas season 🎄


Yet Peripera Pearly Night Ink Lasting Pink Cushion has one major flaw : it will only be available in November 😉


Credits : Peripera,  Beauty +




Summer Chills : Tony Moly Cooling Me Proof & Killing Me Proof Makeup Collections

Published June 15, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

Tony Moly has released 2 thrilling lines for this Summer : Cooling Me Proof Make-Up Collection and Killing Me Proof Make-Up Collection. Despite their weird names, these collections are pretty cool, so let’s check them out 😉


Cooling Me Proof Make-Up Collection

Facetone Skin Tint




 N01 Neutral Milk, P01 Pink Beige, W01 Vanilla Beige & W02 Natural Beige


Liptone Get It Tint Water Bar




 Orange in Red & Red in Red


Liptone Get It Tint




01 Pink Ming, 02 Coral Ming, 03 Play Orange & 04 Red Hot



As you have probably noticed, the bottle shown in the swatches part is different from the product ads. Actually, Tony Moly Liptone Get It Tint exists in 2 versions : the Cooling Me Proof limited edition and the regular edition that will still be sold once Summer is over. Strangely enough, the regular edition includes 2 more shades of red, 05 All Night Red & 06 Dark Night.



Killing Me Proof Make-Up Collection

Back Gel Super Fit Brush Waterproof Liner




 01 Killing Navy & 02 Bronzing Girl


Eyetone Duo






01 Bluish/Blush Grey, 02 Pinky And Blue, 03 Bronzing Sand & 04 Orange Summer


Tony Nail Summer




01 Summer Fantasy, 02 Broken Seashell, 03 Shining Ocean, 04 Tear My Drop,



05 Even So Cool, 06 Killing Me Blue, 07 Night Date & 08 Let Me Out


Tony Moly even gives us some cool ideas to use them 😉




Here are the 2 looks matching each collection :


 “Blonze” is a nice Summer color 😉

 And if you’re in Korea and buy more than 10,000 wons of Cooling Me Proof and Killing Me Proof items, you also get a special marine pouch (limited edition, of course) 🙂


Credits : Tony Moly, translation by myself


If you’re interested in these products, get them fast because it’s a Summer-only edition and they sell really well ^^


Next time, let’s Play with Banila co !

Gradient Lips Made Easy : Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar & How To Use It

Published March 27, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

Gradient lips is one of the most distinctive features in Korean makeup. This freshly bitten aspect gives a cute and attractive look to your lips and is heavily used in Kdramas.

Usually, to achieve this effect, you need to work with 2 different shades of lipstick : first, you apply the lighter color all over your lips, then you apply the darker color on the inner part of your upper and lower lip and carefully blend it outward. Wich can a bit tricky and time-consuming.

Luckily, Laneige solved this problem by releasing the Two Tone Lip Bar line :



Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar is a clever lipstick made of 2 contrasting shades reunited in a single rectangular body to help you get the perfect gradient lips in just one swipe 😀






The line includes 10 different colors, from soft, everyday look to bold statement 😉



Magenta Muse, Red Blossom, Pink Salmon,

Milk Blurring, Daring Darling, Pink Step


Cashmere Nude, Neon Juice, Dolly Grape & Burgundy Love


Here’s how to use Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar :

1. Regular gradient


  •  Apply Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar on your lower lip
  • Turn the lipstick and apply to your upper lip
  • Press the inner part of your lips together



  • Open your mouth quickly
  • Correct the shape with a Q-tip
  • Gradient look completed !


2. Blended gradient


  • Apply Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar on your lower lip
  • Press your lips together
  • Correct the shape with a Q-tip


3. 2/3 gradient


  • Use the smallest side of the lipstick to apply only of the color on your upper lip
  • Slightly press your lips together in order to transfer some of the lipstick on the inner part of your lower lip
  • Apply the other shade on the remaining part of your lower lip, still using the small side of the lipstick



4. Reverse gradient


  •  Apply Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar on your lower lip, with the darker color on the outer part
  • Turn the lipstick and apply on your upper lip
  • Press the inner part of your lips together


If this seems a bit confusing for you, please watch Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in action, thanks to Laneige School of K-Beauty and two stylish Korean beauty bloggers  :

Credits : Laneige Korea


Credits : Dams Beauty School


Credits : Dawn Lee


Bonus : Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar CFs featuring beautiful actress Song Hye Kyo

Credits : Laneige Korea


Credits : Laneige Korea



Credits : Laneige, translation by myself


Next time, take a walk through Floral Seoul with Banila co. 😀


[Exclusive] Melt Them With Hotness : Etude House Summer Play Nails Collection

Published May 22, 2014 by Beauty-full Dreams



Etude House has just added a whopping 28 shades to its already impressive Etude Play Nails line ! The new collection, Melting Summer Nails, is playing the ice cream bars & cones card with names like Seedless Watermelon Ice Bar, Mango Tango Ice Bar, Bravo! Mint Flavor Cone, Win! Blueberry Ice (plus many weird names only Etude House can come up with – The Edge Of A Delicious Watermelon, anyone ?) and a melted ice cream texture.

Here’s the full Melting Summer Nails collection :







Now that the summer nail polish line is out, I’m really impatient to discover Etude House‘s 2014 Summer Makeup Collection ^^


Credits : Etude House




Edit : Following Jaqueline’s question, I added the number for each color on the pics 🙂