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Trend Spotted : The SAEM And Missha Semi-Permanent Makeup

Published January 10, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

Our lives are getting busier and busier as our need/desire to maintain a perfect image 24/7 is stronger than ever. Incompatible, you say ? Well, not for The SAEM and Missha who both decided to tackle these issues with a powerful tool : semi-permanent makeup !

Inspired by the huge success of Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack, The SAEM came up with a very similar product called Saemmul Wrapping Tint :




Available in Redberry and Sweet Orange, Saemmul Wrapping Tint works exactly like Berrisom Tint Pack, apply a thick even layer, wait for 5-10 minutes and peel off 🙂




But The SAEM didn’t stop here, they’re also releasing Eco Soul Henna Marker Tint, a line of 5 extra long-lasting tints loaded with Henna extracts in a 75% water base !





01 Custom Orange, 02 Red Lettering, 03 Irezumi* Red, 04 Mini Henna Pink, 05 Color De Berry

(*Irezumi is a kind of traditional Japanese tattoo)


Drawing, filling, reshaping your eyebrows everyday can become a real chore so once you get the right look, might as well make it last as long as possible, right ? 😉 Hence the Eco Soul Henna Marker Brow, a waterproof self-tanning eyebrow pen that lasts 3 days !





Missha pushed the concept even further, creating the 7 Days Tinted Eyebrow, a brand new eyebrow pen that’s meant to last through the whole week !


Draw your eyebrows only once a week and get a precise and natural look thanks to its fine brush and carefully chosen shades (Marroon Brown & Sinopia Brown) 😀



Credits : The SAEM, Missha, translation by myself


And what about you, my dear beauty-addicts, would you use these items ? What do you think about doing your eyebrows once a week ? Do you want other brands to follow this trend and release more semi-permanent products ?


Next time, discover the future of face makeup according to A’Pieu !




Published January 2, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

I only tried a couple of novelties this year so I can’t write a top 10 of the best/my favorite products of 2014. But I followed the news closely so I’m totally able to show you the most creative concepts of the year !

Here we go :

Gokmul Care Creamy Cleansing Masque



A thick creamy cleanser filled with rice, walnut, lemon, papaya and chamomille that doubles as a daily scrub and can also be used as a pore-tightening pack 😉


Etude House  Every Month Cleansing Foams


Because a line of 12 different cleansers designed to follow your skin needs month after month is just brillant ! More detailed info here


Shara Shara Lemon Tea Pore Stick



This cute little stick has great powers : it clears the skin thanks to the AHA contained in its lemon, lime, orange and apple extracts, absorbs sebum and has a lemon-scented cooling effect 🙂


Etude House Sparkling Toc!s All-In-One Gel


Detox your skin in 7 days thanks to the carbonic acid contained in sparkling water and vitamin C from lemon water ! More on this here


eSpoir Nude Liquid Powder


This moisturizing liquid foundation turns into a soft powder once applied, evening out the skin color and texture. And it also has sebum-control properties. A light-weight trick for a flawess skin 😉


The SAEM Eco Soul 90° Mascara



Finally a mascara that’s easy to use at any angle ! Regular mascaras can be such a pain when doing the outer corner lashes 😦 Bend the Eco Soul 90° Mascara at 15° for the whole eye, at 45° for the outer corner lashes and under lashes and at 90° to use as a curler ^-^


Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Soothing Balm




This stick brings relief to dehydrated skins with its moisturizing sea water and sea plant extracts. Easy to carry around, the icing on the cake is that you can use it either before make up or over your makeup for a quick water boost to your heat-suffering skin ❤


Missha UV Cushion Base SPF50+


A variation of the oh-so-popular cushion products ;p In this DIY version, you don’t just clip a pact inside a case and press, you build it almost from a to z :










Son&Park Glow Ring Foundation


The “My Love From The Star” craze made the makeup items used in this drama extremely popular and Son&Park Glow Ring Foundation is one of them. I lke the 2-in-1 concept with the foundation on one end and a brush to spread it evenly on your face on the other end.


Skinfood Super Butter


This one almost ended up in my next post, but its concept is more fun & adequate than plain weird so here it is 🙂 A cream and a mask chock-full of shea butter, cacao butter and palm tree butter sold in butter containers 😀 Trivia : the logo & packaging strongly resemble a French butter brand called “Président” ^^


Milky Dress One Second Hair Fixer,


a mascara-like clear styling gel to tame any rebel hair or hair strand and keep it in place 🙂


Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher




A moisturizing liquid blusher with 40% of water packed in a surf-theme box with names like Beach Break, Surf’s Up and Lava Martini, Too Cool For School knows me too well !!


Milky Dress Lip Powder Chalk




My very own favorite ! Inside the tube, a chalk-like powder that melts on your lips and become a lip tint 😀 I love this concept and the colors (Pink Chu, Dear Coral & Soul Red) look lovely ❤


Milky Dress Vita C+ Powder,


a medecine-looking item that will cure your skin’s lack of energy ^^ Simply mix a bit of the vitamin C powder with your usual skin care or mix it with water and use it with a mask sheet 🙂


JejuBaram Ice Cream Packs







These Ice Cream Packs are probably the greatest concept of 2014 ❤ There aren’t called “Ice Cream” just because of their similar texture, yummy colors or because you keep them in the freezer. They’re called “Ice Cream” because they come by special shipment in a polystyrene box, surrounded by ice packs to keep them cold and that the low temperature is the key to their great efficiency 😀 Unfortunately, due to this, they’re not sold outside Korea 😦


Credits : Gokmul Care, Etude House, Shara Shara, eSpoir, The SAEM, Nature Republic, Missha, Son&Park, Skinfood, Milky Dress, Too Cool For School JejuBaram



These were my creative crushes of 2014 ! What do you think of them, did you spot 1 or 2 items you’d like to try ? What are your own crushes of the past year ?


Next time : when creativity is pushed to the max, strange things happen… like the 5 weirdest concepts of 2014 😀




12 Days Of K-XMAS : Shuffle It All – My Own Glittery Favorites

Published December 21, 2014 by Beauty-full Dreams

On the 5th Day of Christmas, I decided to share with you some all-time Korean gems from my own vault ❤



Pretty pearlish and glittery polishes : Modi Glam Nails S02 “Soul Touch”, Scandal B5851 “Pistachio”, Castledew Color Shot Nail 9799 “Emerald Fairy”, Konad R59 “Sky Blue”, Missha Lucid Nail Polish “GPP02”, Konad R10 “Light Gold” and Scandal S060 “Mocha Sparkle”.


And because beauty knows no season and some spring & summer items can turn into great allies for a Christmas/New Year look, let me show you how to make the best ot the following cosmetics :




Peripera Sweet Meringue was last year’s spring collection but the solid white “glitters” inside make perfect snowflakes 😉 The 4 colors are : Soda Meringue, Lemon Meringue, Strawberry Meringue and Mint Meringue.







Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner One Carat Diamond and 18k Gold are both tear liners but used as regular eyeliners, they’ll make your eyes sparkle like no other ! On the other hand, the pigmented lamé finish of summery Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner Blue Coolpix and Turkey Green will add depth to your party makeup 🙂

As you already know, last year’s summer hits from Etude House, Bling In The SeaProof 10 Color Eye Stick Sand Gold, Ocean Wave Blue and Proof 10 Bling Eye Stick Sea Ripples, make terrific shimmery eyeshadows. But have you thought about using the Sand Gold one as a tear liner, or, much more daring, leave a trail of the Sea Ripples green glitters under your eyebrow or at the outer corner of your eyes ?

And how about a light swipe (use a big powder brush) of Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter, if you have fair skin, or The SAEM Allys Ajell Jelly Cushion Shadow #4 “Cushion Beige” (for darker skins) all over the face instead of your usual powder for a subtle extra glow ?





Tony Moly Body Glow Lotion – Too Sexy comes from this year’s summer collection but this bronzer will give a sexy touch to your arms, legs and cleavage ! Just use it sparsely and blend it well into your skin 😉

Etude House V-line Slim Maker #1 Wood Brown & Sun Gold is meant for contouring but, just like the Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter, it makes a nice shimmery powder. Mine is the Aloha one but it has just been renewed into a holiday special edition 😉

More than making your favorite eyeshadows last longer, Etude House Look At My Eyes Pearl Shadow Base can also turn into a nice cream highlighter if applied under your eyes, in the middle of your forehead, on the bridge of your nose, on your cheekbones and in the middle of your chin 😀

And if Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lip-talk  “A Slice Of Tangy Lemon” is too discreet for a Christmas & New Year look, don’t forget that its pink glitters and glossy tranparent finish will boost any of your regular lipstick ^^

So, I hope you enjoyed this post and found my advice somehow interesting !


Next time, let’s get Frozen once again with Peripera !

[Exclusive] Discover The First Korean Cosmetics of 2014 !

Published January 4, 2014 by Beauty-full Dreams

The new year has just begun but the ever so prolific Korean cosmetic industry is already launching its first novelties ^^ So before anyone else, let me present you the opening items of 2014 :


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its best-selling “Black Sugar” line, Skinfood has released a limited edition of the famous Black Sugar Perfect 1rst Serum and Black Sugar Mask Wash Off. The new versions, called Black Sugar Perfect 1rst Serum Gold and Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Gold, are sold in gorgeous black & gold special packagings and include real gold particles !



The luxurious Black Sugar Gold Special Edition


Korea’s first natural brand is offering us once again one of the many wonders of Jeju island to help and protect our skins. This time, Innisfree chose a type of orchid that’s able to survive during the harsh winter to later bloom beautifully and turned it into an anti-aging line with anti-wrinkle, firming, nutrition, pore management and skin tone properties.

– Orchid Enriched Cream


– Orchid Day Cream


– Orchid Night Cream


– Orchid Eye and Lip Cream


– Orchid Hand Cream



Whatever your skin might need this winter, A’Pieu has the solution ! Missha‘s sister brand is releasing a huge skin care line named “Eco Fresh” to keep your face moist & bright in 2014 :

Eco Fresh Future Water Cream / Future Water Essence / Future Water Fluid, made with seaweed, sea grapes, grain, tea and fermented mushrooms




Eco Fresh White Luminous Cream / White Luminous Essence / White Luminous Fluid, with rockcress, rice, gemstones & tangerine extracts




Eco Fresh Forever Moist Cream / Forever Moist Essence / Forever Moist Skin / Forever Moist Lotion / Forever Moist Eye Cream, all made from fermented black yeast and olive oil






Eco Fresh Original 100 Essence Start-up / Original 100 Essence Finisher



A’Pieu is also launching a new gel cream blusher, Finger Blusher, which includes several natural extracts (camellia, raspberry, garden balsam and calendula). Finger Blusher is available in 6 different shades :


A really nice start to a very promising new year of beauty ! Stay tuned for more interesting novelties from the wonderful world of Korean cosmetics !

Credits : Skinfood, Innisfree, A’pieu

[X-MAS 2013] Korean Brands Christmas Makeup And Special Items

Published December 1, 2013 by Beauty-full Dreams

This year’s Fall/Winter makeup collections all have a very Christmas and New Year feel so let’s see which lines will make you shine the most during the winter holidays :

Banila co. “The Great Love”


Missha “The Style Lucid Nail Polish”


Missha‘s official website also offers you these lovely Christmas-y nail art samples :


A’Pieu “Aurora Nail Touch”


Tony Moly “Tony Nail Glitter”


Missha “The Style Stay All Day Stick Eyes”


Etude House “Play Color Eyes”

eh (1)eh (3)

eh (2)eh (4)

If you’re still wondering what presents to offer to your family and friends, why not opting for one of these Christmas special items and sets ?

A’Pieu “Fantasy Sphere Holiday Collection”



This lovely box includes a tube of Shea Butter Hand Cream – Lavender, a Longwear Essence Lipstick, a Sweet Tea Lip Balm and a bottle of Aurora Nail Touch polish. Each of the 3 makeup items comes in an original limited color only available in this set.



Innisfree “Christmas Limited Edition”

Perfumed Hand Cream Gift Set (Winter Berry + Sweet Vanilla)


Mini Gel Liner Best Collection


Eco Nail Color Collection


The Green Tea Seed Cream (available in 2 different decorated boxes)


Sweet Vanilla Perfumed Diffuser


Winter Berry Perfumed Diffuser


Sweet Vanilla Perfumed Candle


Winter Berry Perfumed Candle


The Face Shop “My Dearest Winter Friends – Holiday Love Edition”

tfsholidayloveeditiontfs (1)

tfs (2)tfs (3)

tfs (4)tfs (6)tfs (5)

tfs (7)tfs (8)

tfs (9)

tfs (10)tfs (11)tfs (12)tfs (13)tfs (14)

Aritaum “Shine Fix Eyes”


“Modi Nails”


Laneige “My Little Winterland”

Water Bank Set


Perfect Renew Basic Set


Winterland Hand & Lip Care Set


BB Cushion Set (#13 or #21)


Winterland Magic Makeup Collection


A beautiful makeup set that includes 4 Pure Radient Eye Shadows


… and 3 Silk Intense Mini Lipsticks


Happy holiday shopping !

Credits : Banila Co., Missha, A’Pieu, Tony Moly, Etude House, Innisfree, The Face Shop, Aritaum, Laneige