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Etude House Colorful Drawing Spring 2018 Collection !

Published January 19, 2018 by Beauty-full Dreams

It’s already Spring time in the wonderful world of Etude House ❣ 🌸 The famous pink brand has just anounced its Spring 2018 Makeup Collection : Colorful Drawing 👩‍🎨 Etude House Colorful Drawing is actually made of new additions to the Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk & Fantastic Color Eyes lines plus a revamped version of their old Water Color Blusher 🎨

Watercolor is the main theme of this collection, with products aiming at creating a clear & vivid look as you can see below :

Etude House Colorful Drawing Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk













Etude House Colorful Drawing Fantastic Color Eyes



#01 Magenta Drawing


#02 Vermilion Drawing


Etude House Colorful Drawing Water Color Blusher


#RD301 Balsam Flower Red


#PK001 Bouquet Rose


#PP501 Lilac Lavender


#OR201 Daisy Coral


#PK002 Baby’s Breath Pink


Are you feeling inspired by the watercolor wonders of Etude House Colorful Drawing Collection ? 💖


Credits : Etude House



More Items From Etude House Berry Delicious Collection !

Published February 3, 2016 by Beauty-full Dreams


Etude House has released 2 more items from their lovely Berry Delicious 2016 Spring & Summer Collection 😀 I was a bit surprised not to see them on Monday but here they are now !

The latest additions to the strawberry-flavored line are the Berry Delicious Precious Mineral Any Cushion, a cute variation of the popular hit and Berry Delicious Strawberry Eau de Parfum, a floral fruity fragrance with woody base notes ^^



Berry Delicious Precious Mineral Any Cushion is available in 2 shades : N02 Light and W13 Natural





Now Etude House Berry Delicious S/S 2016 Collection is finally complete…



… or is it ? 😉




Credits : Etude House, translation by myself



Etude House S/S 2016 Collection Berry Delicious !

Published February 1, 2016 by Beauty-full Dreams

Etude House much-anticipated Spring & Summer 2016 Collection, Berry Delicious, has just been released today in Korea ^-^ With its fresh & sweet visuals, this new line is bound to be a huge hit among makeup lovers. Who wouldn’t fall in love with all these lovely strawberry-themed items ? After all, Love Is Berry Delicious 😀


Berry Delicious Color In Liquid Lips




Berry Delicious Strawberry Lip Jam / Berry Delicious Strawberry Lip Jam Scrub / Berry Delicious Strawberry Lip Jam Treatment


Berry Delicious Fresh Cream Blush




Berry Delicious Fantastic Color Eyes




Berry Delicious Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara


Berry Delicious Strawberry Souffle Nail




Berry Delicious Play Nail Sticker




Berry Delicious Strawberry Body Scrub & Wash / Berry Delicious Strawberry Body Milk



Berry Delicious Bread Shower Sponge



Credits : Etude House, translation by myself


Enjoy a stroll through Floral Seoul With Banila co. Spring Makeup Collection !

Published April 4, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

Ah, Spring… What better way to enjoy this season of renouveau than taking a walk through nature ? And when this gorgeous display of bright green grass and colorful blossoms is in the heart of the city, it’s even better 😀 So grab your coat and your camera and follow me and Banila co. through the beautiful Floral Seoul !

Bloom On Cheeks Blusher


01 Peach Blossom


02 Shy Lavender


Harmony Two Eyes Shadow


01 Marsala-colored Azalea


02 Mellow Pansy


03 Lying On The Grass


04 A Scent Of Magnolia


Cushion Gel Liner


Marsala Blossom


Antique Olive


Lip Crayon



ND02 Boston Pink, ND01 Magnolia, OR04 Marigold, PK07 Holly Pink, PK06 Miss Bloom & RD02 Anemone


Color Fix Matt



MPK534 Canna, MPK553 Cherry Blossom, MOR217 Peony, MBE113 Narcissus, MPP642 Pansy, MRD324 Marsala Rose, MBE104 Hyacinth & MOR219 Gerbera


Credits : Banila co.

It’s Here ! Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection Is Now Available !

Published April 2, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

After a series of gorgeous photos that made every girl’s heart pounds faster, the much anticipated Dreaming Swan Spring makeup line magically appeared yesterday on Etude House website 😀

So brace yourself for a very long post, chock-full with lovely pictures and info, on the delicate ballerina-themed Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection ^-^

Dreaming Swan Eye And Cheek, 5 adorable eye shadows that can be used as blushers and vice versa. They have bright and vivid colors, due to the Wet & Dry Color Tech system, pore cover and sebum control properties and a silky yet moisturizing finish, thanks to the Wetting Forming Tech complex.





Here are the 5 shades available :


#1 Jeté Pink, #2 Pointe Coral, #3 Arabesque Rosy,


#4 Relevé Purple & #5 En Haut Pink


Dreaming Swan Dear My Blooming Lips-talk, the latest addition to the prolific Dear My lipstick line



PK022 Seemed To Fly Jeté Pink, OR225 Dreamed Of Coral Pointe, PK023 Breathtaking Arabesque Rosy, PP502 Tension Relevé Purple & PK024 Upstage En Haut Pink



Dreaming Swan Nail Kits






Kit #1, Dazzling Pointe Shoe, includes a shimmering polish named Pink Shoes, a pearl glitter polish called Satin Ribbon and a sheet of strasses.


Kit #2, Shining Tutu, includes a syrup nail polish called Milky Tights, a shimmering nail polish named Sheer Skirt and a feather decal.


Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact & Veiling Pact Brush, for a smooth and bright skin






Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer, a pearl cream shadow that can be used as a tear liner or an highlighter

(Fun fact : in the PR pic, it went by the name of Dreaming Swan Shine Glow)



#1 Dreaming Swan, #2 Dazzling Pointe Shoe & #3 Shining Tutu


Dreaming Swan Any Cushion Case



Give your favorite cushion pact a sweet makeover with these 3 delicate designs : #1 Dreaming Swan, #2 Dazzling Pointe Shoe, #3 Shining Tutu


Dreaming Swan Mini Pouch




To celebrate the online pre-launch of the Dreaming Swan Collection, Etude House added a Dreaming Swan Value Kit at ₩ 20,000 only (a bit less than $20) composed of Dreaming Swan Eye And Cheek #2 Pointe Coral, Dreaming Swan Dear My Blooming Lips-talk OR225 Dreamed Of Coral Pointe and Dreaming Swan Mini Pouch.



Etude House is currently having a promotion on its Korean website : buy one Any Cushion Refill and get a Dreaming Swan Any Cushion Case at half price. So if you’re in Korea right now, it’s a pretty sweet deal 😀

And last but not least, the woman we should all thank for this overly cute collection, fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess 😉


Credits : Etude House, translation by myself


Friendly reminder : at this point, no official translation of the names of the shades/designs & descriptions has been published anywhere. Until then, and since my own translations are the combined results of Korean dictionaries, personal researches and interpretation when needed (not literal translation or copy&paste from google translate), if you find the exact same “translations” after my post, then it’s a rip-off. Have a nice day ~


Plagiarism For Dummies Ch.2 : Here We Go Again !

Published April 1, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

Those of you who’ve been following me long enough (thank you ❤ ) know that 2 years ago I had to deal with plagiarism when a so-called “blogger” copied & paste part of my Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick Review. I warned everyone who could be tempted to do the same that I will never tolerate plagiarism. Obviously today’s case didn’t read this post…

Still, the “Protected By Copyscape Do Not Copy” yellow logo on the top right should have been a good indication. It’s clearly not here just because it looks pretty. Neihter is the “translation by myself” mention in the credits of my news, it means “Back off, it’s my work”. Maybe I should write it in French for you to understand ??

Best part ? She’s one of my followers and I follow her blog too. Never thought I would find out through WordPress Reader ? How dumb (and hypocritical) was that ?!

Like the other thief (yes, because stealing somebody else’s work is a theft, ma chère), I won’t display her name or blog link. She ripped off my translation & description to gain more traffic and already benefited enough from it, there’s no way I’m gonna offer her free publicity on my very own blog to boot.

Yet, I can prove that she copied a whole paragraph (the one where I describe each product & translate all of their names) from my Etude House Dreaming Swan post and made it pass for her own writing 3 days later. Same layout, same way to put the number of colors/designs either in brackets or in a sentence, same words describing nail polish shades she can’t have seen for herself, even the exact same sentence, who the hell are you kidding ?!

She claims she got it from Etude House Instagram : liar ~ Etude House Instagram pics never showed the whole collection, the shades/designs for each item nor the names of all the products. And Etude House fb, twitter, blog, website, yt channel didn’t either. I got my info from a PR pic that wasn’t publicly released by Etude House, that’s why I didn’t include it in my post.

I know that a good chunk of the beauty bloggers out there -not restricted to Korean cosmetics, btw- are only here for sponsoring and perks (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sponsoring and getting free stuff, but when it’s your only motivation to maintain a blog, that’s low) but pushing the fame-craving to the point of stealing other people’s work is just pathetic. And it won’t be tolerated by me.

To your sorry a** and other losers like you :

Steal one more thing from me & face the consequences.

You’ve been warned.


More On Etude House Dreaming Swan Makeup Collection !

Published March 31, 2015 by Beauty-full Dreams

Etude House has just published 4 new pictures of its upcoming Spring makeup collection, Dreaming Swan :









A short teaser ad featuring the beautiful artworks of famous fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess is also available on Etude House fb page :

Credits : Etude House fb


Etude House announced an April release but without giving any specific date yet.

More info coming soon, so stay tuned to Beauty-full Dreams 😉